Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Republican Officials Reject Kris Kobach

From a progressive perspective, a noteworthy consideration of how a few GOP officials don't want the Feds screwing with their elections. Read more:

Calling Out the Kobach Commission for What It Is

An activist calls on Americans who care about voting rights to urge their state election administrators to refuse to cooperate with the Pence-Kobach Commission...

12 comments: said...

Voter fraud in rampant throughout the US.

Democrats don't want anyone looking behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

What these "activists" would address if they were really serious is the pitiful lack of TURNOUT by voters on election days.
It's ridiculous to complain about voter registration and access and do next to nothing to address why so few people participate when they have the opportunity.
Look at the turnout figures right here in KCMO.
If you hit double-digit percentages it's a big deal!
These folks are forever protesting things they have little ability to change and ignoring the progress they could make right in their own communities.
Just like blaming Missouri state gun laws for the horrendous murder rate in KCMO.
Complain, protest, march, talk.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Miss the point much? REPUBLICANS don't want Kobach screwing with their elections either. Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, told Kobach to “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.”

It's not just the Democratic Party.

Outside JoCo, Kobach is a joke.

Anonymous said...

@7:21AM You failed to read and comprehend the article. In typical repubtard shit-flake style, you assumed it was about "activists" & "protesters." Please refrain from coming back here until you can read and comprehend at a third-grade level. Moron.

Steve Hanson said...

Voting rights are human rights? They are rights of citizens of the U.S.

Anonymous said...

What do the local yokels have to hide? Cooperate and lets get it done. Enough of paying bureaucrats to sit on thier fat asses and complain.

Anonymous said...

Really, 7:05? Quoting Western Voices World News, A Service of European Americans United? With links to The American Resistance and Raw Conservative?

Sure, I believe it all.

Anonymous said...

@11:16 - 7:05 is Chuck, hence the bullshit "news" (read: propaganda) sites. What a fantastic kapo old Chuck would have made.

Anonymous said...

The only purpose of the Pence/Kobach Commission is to phony up a "Big Lie" about voter fraud in the 2016 Election, giving either Trump or Pence, whichever one is in office at the time, an excuse to "postpone" the 2020 Presidential Elections until "the States have had time to verify their Voter Rolls"!

In other words, folks, it's the first step in a GOP Coup d'Etat!
With Republicans (i.e. the Wealthy) in control of the White House,
both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court, it's finally their chance to overthrow "democracy" in favor of "patriotism", eliminate the last vestiges of the Middle Class remaining after the Regan and Bush 2 depressions, and assure that the Wage Earning Class has been rendered politically helpless!

Finally achieving the glorious goal of

Welcome to the New World Order!

Okay, bring it on Trumptards, I'm white, Christian, not a commie, served in the US Army, retired at 70 after working since I was 13, and I've heard all the lies the GOP spews out while wrapping themselves in the Flag and waiving a Bible in the air!

I have no problem with most of what Republicans say, it's what they DO that's destroying this Country!

Anonymous said...

Alright, Chuck Stalker is gracing us with his presence again. Thought I detected the smell of shit in the air.

Anonymous said...

^^That stink was your breath.

Anonymous said...

^^^ no Chuck Stalker, the stink was the saliva on your face from your gay lover.