Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering Payday Loan Dude Glory Days

A brief look at the good times before a legal hot mess embroiled a JoCo rich dude. Also, he was a KC Magazine benefactor which is probably why they have shut down since his recent troubles. Take a peek:

Leawood Payday Lending Mogul Scott Tucker Found Racing Success Before Fraud Allegations

Scott Tucker of Leawood goes on trial this week in New York for what has been called one of the nation's biggest cases of payday-lending fraud. In recent years, Tucker made a meteoric rise in the world of sports car racing and became one of the most well-known team owners and drivers on the circuit.


Anonymous said...

At least Leawood got a hundred foot stain glass window for their church.

Anonymous said...

Well that explains the bad smell that used to always be in Leewood. Clean up the neighborhood and the smell goes away.

Anonymous said...

Church of the Communal Excess I believe it is called. No use kidding yourself that the money raised will help those in need.