Monday, September 25, 2017


Here's press release "news" that's not quite reassuring regarding all of the bullets flying on Kansas City higways. Take a peek:

Series of shootings on KC-area highways not linked, police say

On a Saturday night about a month ago, a woman was out celebrating her birthday with her mother when two cars sped past them as they traveled on Interstate 435. They heard a popping noise, pulled over and the woman discovered a bullet had struck her leg.


Anonymous said...

Random? ...sure, just like the trail murders. Looks to me like it would be a good idea to stay off 71 unless you drive an armored car.

Anonymous said...

The police have a point. Most gun owners are trigger happy unstable sociopaths.

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Anonymous said...

We would have more shootings on the highway if negroes could buy gas with their EBT card

Anonymous said...

Their NOT linked , Naw',,,,,,,,

same caliber of Ammo, same description of car, same color , same tires, same wheels, same tires, Same windshield wipers, same OIL Drips.

Naw', they ain't connected,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The problem is,, all the suspects look the same,,, can't tell them apart, wonder why that is ?????????

who could it possibly,,,,, be ??????????????????????????