Monday, September 25, 2017


On the bright side, it's still totally cool to give Mexicans a hard time.


Here's another lesson in public education political rage:

Olathe School District Says Students Will Be Punished If They Used LGBT Slurs

The Olathe School District says students who used anti-LGBT language at a homecoming parade last Thursday will be punished. However, the district suggests the incident at Olathe Northwest High School may not have been as bad as first reported. The most egregious reported chant was "Make Olathe Northwest straight again."


Anonymous said...

Queers and trannies are the protected class in Olathe. They have a lot of them

Byron Funkhouser said...

Everyone's gay, except you & me, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

You're a queer retard, Byron. Now shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

That's Kansas for ya. First, they were against slavery, now they're in favor of queers. Country has been going to hell ever since.

Anonymous said...

^^^^I know right? look at the trash like you that it's produced.

Anonymous said...

^^^Your a closeted queer honey. Own it! You'll get that dick baby! Keep trying!

David Allan Coe said...

Hey, fuck Anita Bryant
Who the hell is she?
Telling all them faggots
that they can't be free
Throw that bitch in prison
Then maybe she'll see
Just how much them goddamned
homosexuals mean to me

Because they...
Wash your clothes
Clean your cell
Help you drain your hose
Give you smokes
Laugh at jokes
Sew up all your clothes
Rub your feet
Beat your meat
Heaven only knows
What I'd do without those homosexuals

They all
Read and write
Fuck all night
Clean your fingernails
Help you dress
Play you chess
Lay you down some rails
Be your wife
Take your life
In a jealous rage
Who says we don't need them homosexuals

I tell you
Some are big
Some are small
Some are in-between
Some are yellow belly queers
And some of them are mean

Some are killers
Some are thieves
Some are singers too
In fact Anita Bryant
Some act just like you

So fuck Anita Bryant
Who the hell is she?
Telling all them faggots
That they can't be free
Throw that bitch in prison
They maybe she'll see
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Anonymous said...

LGBT only? What about the QWERTYs?

Anonymous said...

Queers also make good interior decorators

Anonymous said...

You know, you got me thinking about something. I don't cook much, so when I want a good meal the Plaza is close by. I couldn't tell you when the last time I had a server who was straight. I would probably starve to death if it weren't for all the faggot wait staff at the best restaurants. Bless their hearts.

Anonymous said...

The students were just chanting away using their Freedom of Speech. Saying Make the Schools Straight Again isn't hate speech, it's a request to be like it use to be and is that so wrong when you really think about? And why is any child under 18 allowed to declare much of anything much less being allowed to act abnormal?

Anonymous said...

Why are you allowed to think abnormally? Why are you allowed to voice your worthless opinions? Those are questions that defy answers.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love America. If a kid prays his ass is toast, but if he promotes butt fucking he is a hero. We just do not have enough libtards in the game.

Anonymous said...

OK, let me get this "straight" !!!!

So, in this Era of Free Speech and all that other bullshit, their saying I can't say the words :






Cum Guzzler

Muff Diver

Carpet Muncher


Lezbo' Dyke

Lipstick Lesbian Lezbo'


Crotch Licker

Whats this world comin' to ??????

Damn Commie Lib'tard Lezbo Dykes and Homo' Queer Faggots anyway !!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter puffers appreciate your polical correctness.