Friday, September 01, 2017

Obamacare Premium Spike Coming Soon!!!

Here's the bad news for locals amid the ongoing healthcare debate and the lack of any real plan from the GOP:

Obamacare Premiums Mixed For Kansas Consumers, While Missouri Rates Climb

The Affordable Care Act marketplace will be a mixed bag for Kansas consumers seeking health insurance for 2018. Some will pay more for coverage, some less. And some will purchase new plans for which there is no price-point comparison. In Missouri, insurers are proposing some hefty rate hikes.


Anonymous said...

Blame your elected officials. The insurance coompanies are losing 10s of millions of dollars. If your not in major developed areas you probably get one maybe two choices. The more populated areas will have more providers. There needs to be a massive overhaul of the system.

Anonymous said...

Remember tho ,,,,, YOU can keep your Doctor ???????

Best part was Nancy Pelosi and her 1st we have to Vote on it to see whats in the bill,,,,,,,,

along with that Jonathan Gruber, the American Voter is so stupid we can't tell them the truth or it'll fail,,,,,,

Lastly, O'bama and the Communist Democratic Liberals attempt at hailing it as "Affordable Care Act" and as usual, the Naïve Clueless public fell for it, because of the word "Affordable" was "catch phrased" into it,,,,

O'bamacare was nothing more than a Pathetic "PONZI' SCHEME" to steal your MONEY in the 1st place under all kinds of false disguises and lies ~ !!!!

The whole entire scheme is worse than Bernie Madoffs clever PONZI' SCHEME to rip off naïve gullible clueless investors, who fell for his line of utter bullshit, and in the end they lost millions of their dollars.

Until there is action to get these corrupt fraudulent Hospitals & Doctors under control,,, NO health insurance plan will work for anybody !!!

Those Hospitals & Doctors are responsible for BILKING insurance companies as well as YOU for extremely ridiculous & insane rates, its been going on for far too damn long !!!

Anonymous said...

it was never going to work. it was enacted in bad faith. it was not revised so as to maybe work because of political cowardice and political courage.

some people want to witness its crashing and burning, if that's political courage.

problem is that hurts a lot of folks and usa overall.

Uncle Benbarrack Obamy said...

If you like teh doctor you have now you can beg him to keep you as a patient in a few weeks.

Retro ROCKER said...

There goes the economy. If you're paying $1,500.00 a month on insurance. You will have less to spend. You take that much out of the economy times 50 million.

Anonymous said...

It appears from the map that most of the country only has one or two options for Obamacare and now rates are skyrocketing. Remember, when Obama said we would save 2,500 a year under Obamacare. This is further proof that Obamacare has been a massive failure.

Steve Hanson said...

Single payer is inevitable.

Anonymous said...


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