Thursday, September 07, 2017

New KCMO Single-Terminal Plan Unexplained

Celebrate the bid that's going to screw up dumping loved ones quickly for all of Kansas City . . .

What is Edgemoor planning for KCI?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KCI Terminal Development Committee has selected Edgemoor as their recommendation for the company to build a new single-terminal airport for Kansas City. But Edgemoore has kept mostly tight-lipped during the selection process, leaving the public without a clear picture of their vision for KCI.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that's fine. Now the City can start casting aspersions at the "selected" firm and in November have a good chance of voters reiterating NO, as they have done time and time again. The City will then try to restart the process, but at that point Sly will be looking at his exit strategy. Reed and Justice will be all over trying to promote it but they don't have the political power and influence needed; just aspirations toward the highest office in the City.

Anonymous said...

I watched this interview and I thought it was PISS POORLY Explained !

I got out of it, a lot HYPE and Bullshit more than anything else.

if that's what some call good explaining,,,, then were in DEEP SHIT !

agentzero said...

Undress this in detail. The process certainly didn't in this rush job

agentzero said...

So very Sly of them

Anonymous said...

All the media outlets are talking like the NEW airport is a done deal. So we DON'T get to vote on where our hard-earned tax money goes?

Anonymous said...

Lack of credibility in the Council:
1. Why is KCI not being maintained? It is dirty, poorly managed and if the Council is so concerned about our image as a City why not maintain KCI?
2. Why is KCI operating only two of the three terminals? It is a well known fact that the City makes a ton of Cash from the airport every month. Why not run the 3rd terminal?
3. The Street Car taxing district is a disgrace. I live 5 blocks from the proposed Main Street line and my property taxes will increase by $1,200 per year. At the same time the City has done nothing for the maintenance of sewers, curbs and streets in our neighborhood. There is no way in Hell that the Street car will increase the value of my home.
4. Why not charge the tourists who use the Street Car a final fee. Maybe a $1.00 per ride? The message is that these guys have no respect for their tax paying residents

Shame on you.