Friday, September 01, 2017

Mary Sanchez Talks Internets Hateration

Dead-Tree Media consideration as IPs start banning hate groups and the least favorite newspaper pundit offers her typical token milquetoast perspective regarding a tech dilemma and the fact that white supremacists ruin their myth of elitism by purchasing hosting from Go Daddy. Take a look:

Maybe we should keep racists where we can watch them online

Is it possible to cleanse the internet of white supremacy, neo-Nazism and other expressions of violent, hate-based ideologies? Is it a good idea even to try? These are some of the questions that linger after the violent confrontation between members of the racist alt-right and counter-protestors at the so-called Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., last month.


Anonymous said...


Those who constantly go around calling others RACIST are the Racist !!

The YOUNG Commies do that to push their phony pathetic agenda !!

That wore out race card is wore out,,, seems that's the only venue the Commies have !!

The Commie Liberal leftists are the Racists as everybody is witnessing !!!

Anonymous said...

People have to read something. It sure ain't the fuckin' KC Star.

Anonymous said...

When they ban her they can ban the supremacist groups too. Both of them are idiots! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Pseudo-intellect-race-baiting-crap-attack Mary Sanchez is a hater if I ever saw one. It's people like her that hate people who have opinions different from their own who make the world a worse place.
People like her are the reason MU is seeing a huge decline in students... people won't put up with her crap nor will they read her column.
When will the KC Star puts stats out for share holders on how many people actually read her columns?
Why won't they?
Too bad... so sad... as President Trump would say

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of her sorority sisters in Maryville are embarrassed by her mouth?

bigdogg said...

zomg guyz,,,, watch out for the WHITE RACISTS in the KILLA CITY STREETS they will GET YOU! some guy runs over a broad in a clusterfuk, ZOMG NATZIS for the rest of time. murders every day in every american city by a certain demographic subgroup. nada.

Anonymous said...

The DYING star and ALL of these douchebag pieces of shit writers are skulls full of mush HOMO TRANNY BITCHES looking like they are intending to KILLA CITY the paper on purpose !¡

Anonymous said...

I will never understand how Hoops and her banal columns got into Harvard. Oh wait, I know!

Fuck, which one is more cringe? It's kind of a hard one, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that the public shaming of her on this blog about her girth the other day made her start a diet. Bravos goes to the trolls.

Anonymous said...

What about her hairy taco? Is she ever going to shave her muff? She is pretty nasty.

Anonymous said...

The Confederate Memorial's gone, so Mary needs a new target for her latest vendetta.

Anonymous said...

This is post racial America. What is she even talking about?

Anonymous said...

She's talking about the Goobers running around with the WRONG FLAG!

Those assholes claim it represents some sort of Southern Heritage, and it uses the pattern of a Confederate Battle Flag, but it's a RECTANGLE!

If you really knew anything at all about "Southern Heritage", you'd know that the Battle Flag adopted by The Confederated States was SQUARE! It was 52x52 inches for Infantry, 36x36 inches for Artillery, and 32x32 inches for Cavalry! SQUARE, you Idiots!

The rag you wave around was invented for a Movie by D. W. Griffith!
So, if you have any respect for Southern Culture and History, stop wearing, waving, and sticking THAT LIE on your pickup windows!

Anonymous said...


Sanchez wants to keep racists where she can watch them, just like she keeps male masturbaters in view while she works. Do you want one scoop or two?

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than flags rolling around Killa City OF THE WRONG DAMN SIZE, on pickups, especially! Decent people don't do that sorta thing.

Now, let those drooping drawz OF THE WRONG DAMN SIZE hang more than half past your ass crack, while you're chimp waddling, and wide-gaited ambling like Fred Sanford. NOW THAT SHOWS REAL CULTURE, HERITAGE, AND JUST HOW FAR FROM PICKIN' COTTON SOME ASSHOLES HAVE GOTTEN!!!

Hey, I'm gonna write a song around that last line.