Friday, September 15, 2017

Mary Sanchez Against Sec DeVos

Newspaper partisan roundup of paid protesters. File under Democratic Party talking points redux:

Students give Betsy DeVos an education at Kansas City Academy

The 90 minutes that Betsy DeVos spent at Kansas City Academy Friday was carefully stage-managed and generally free of controversy. But the students, who disagree with the controversial secretary of education on a range of issues, presented DeVos with a booklet voicing their views.


Anonymous said...

We're fucked if now we're relying on Mary Sanchez to represent the public.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for a person like Sanchez, who has no responsibilities for ANYTHING, to constantly spout off about things she personally doesn't like or agree with without the slightest effort made to offer other suggestions or ideas.
To the degree that the feds are involved in local education, Devos can either be supportive of schools in KC or not, and coming away from a visit with a bad taste in her mouth because some washed-up editorial writer from a dying newspaper demands that her views be taken into account is a really stupid move.
Kind of like Sly being a big Hillary supporter for his own selfish reasons or badmouthing the legislature and now having doors slammed in his face in DC and Jeff City to the detriment of residents and businesses in KCMO.
We're pretty close to hitting bottom when the protesting, marching, and making demands is being done by local who consider themselves "journalists".

Anonymous said...

KC Academy students were anxious to demonstrate how thoroughly they have been indoctrinated. They were able to recite all the liberal talking points in order! Well done, snowflakes! Now do the same with the Periodic Table.

Anonymous said...

The local newspaper article didn't contain any information on what De Vos said or did, just what the faculty and students did. Not good journalism.

Anonymous said...

Does Narley Snatcheeze every have anything positive to say about anyone who isn't a beaner, black, a libtard hack or gay?

Your KC Star Tax Dollars at Work!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez, the government propaganda agent, masquerading as an editorial writer for The Kansas City Star, immediately spills her frijoles in the title and first two sentences of her article.

Students give Betsy DeVos an education at Kansas City Academy
By Mary Sanchez

Betsy DeVos would make a really good beauty queen.

She’s gracious, demure, photogenic and surrounded by a team of handlers to whisk her away from anything unpleasant.

According to the warped mind of Mary Sanchez, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was somehow schooled and taken to task by the tiny rag-tag student body of the Kansas City Academy. WTF?

Talk about projecting your own partisan politics onto children, because you're so desperate to lash out against political conservatives! I dare say that most of the student body at this private school would not have been able to name, nor recognize, Secretary DeVos two weeks ago. That the media has tripped over themselves rushing to defend the some 75 "nontraditional" students who attend this "academy" is merely reflective of an overwhelmingly liberal bias amongst the corporate media. If you're not white, not heterosexual, and struggle to interact in society, the liberal media will sing your praises while promoting your segregation into private facilities. But is that actually helping or hurting these individuals? Aren't today's youth who can't be mainstreamed, tomorrow's adults who can't function in society?

When describing Secretary DeVos as a gracious, photogenic, beauty queen, Mary Sanchez exhibits a mental flashback whereby she lapsed back to her high school days of feeling inadequate and unattractive. She tells us much more about her own insecurities than scoring points against Secretary DeVos!

Sanchez propaganda fails again.

Anonymous said...

It seems like this school is mainly focused on LGBT students. That is great, but I question their educational standards. Go ahead. Be as gay as pink air. Is that preparing you for adulthood? What happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic? Even LGBT youngsters need those skills. It is difficult to express yourself when you cannot speak properly, read at an advanced level, and write with at least at a minimal level. We have 4 grandsons, and I would love any one of them just as much if they selected an alternative lifestyle. I just want them to be able to communicate their issues in a rational, literate manner.

Anonymous said...

5:29 comment, nicely said!

Anonymous said...

hispanics hate sanchez , the black community despise osterheldt , but ratings are important because everything in life is derived from one thing , money'. The sda has infiltrated american democracy to a point of actual counterrevolution , one swift penstroke to label the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization would be the beginning of the end for all anti-constitutional democracy factions , america has its problems sure , but your fantasy ideology is no cure , marks & engle since their manifesto is unresearched responsible for more than 200 million dead , far surpassing any religion could ever claim . You're simple brainwashed minds are an embarrassment to human psychology, & you should use your jead for something more than a hatrack .

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dirty Sanchez and the brainwashed libtard students sure showed Betsy...

Guess what snowflakes, Trump is still president.