Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kansas Politicos Against Brownback Part Deux

It'll be hard to argue with tax cuts all the way around given that only hard-line fiscal hawks nerds care about the debt or the deficit. Still, these assurances are nice:

Jenkins: GOP's tax reform plan isn't like the Kansas 'experiment'

Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins says the GOP-led tax reform plan won't be anything like the one promoted by Gov. Sam Brownback and passed by the Kansas legislature passed five years ago. "While some may try to compare this tax reform to what was tried in Kansas, the truth is these two reforms could not be more different," the Republican representative said.


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Steve Hanson said...

Comparing Johnson county to Jackson county, I would say she is right.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. experiment will be worse. Initial rough estimate is additional debt of $2.5 trillion over 10 years. So much for a balanced budget.

But here's the worse part for the specific Kansas comparison. The Kansas LLC exemption moved pass-through income from corporate rates of 4% and 7% to 0%. Income at personal rates (most often used) moved from 2.7% and 4.6% to 0%.

The Trump proposal is a 25% pass-through rate. A large chunk of this income is now taxed federally at 39.6%. That would mean a nearly 15% tax reduction for the wealthiest filers! It dwarfs the proposed top personal rate reduction of 39.6% to 35%. Again, Kansas top personal rate cut was also less than 5%.

Even worse for the smallest businesses - most of those actually pay less than the 25% rate now. Their taxes will go UP!

Those facts come from the Tax Policy Center. "Most pass-throughs are small sole proprietorships currently paying less than a 25 percent marginal rate. But a few are quite large — 1.7 percent of pass-through businesses generate more than 40 percent of all pass-through income and are taxed at the top 39.6 percent rate."

Same old theme. Huge tax cuts for millionaires. The rest of us get screwed.

Or more appropriately, we're left to drown in the swamp by the wake of Trump's yacht.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your analysis, Bernie Sanders. How's that $700K lake front home working out for you?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Hi there, I didn't realize there were still Brownbackers out there.

MAAAGAAA said the sheep.

Go buy another $40 made hat from China. If you can afford it after your taxes go up.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Hi Claire sycophant, glad you're still recycling the same tired old talking points. Next time, be sure to include "glass ceiling", "black-white wealth divide", and "living wage".

Anonymous said...

Not talking points. Math.

Try it sometime. Maybe you'll balance a budget.

Oh yeah, Republikkklans never have. They only promise it to the sheep. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Demokkkrat tool. Your buddy Obama more than doubled the federal deficit during his term. In fact, Obama added more than all 43 previous Presidents did combined. Look in the mirror to see the sucker.

Anonymous said...

^^^God your fucking ignorant. Fake news Trumpkin.

Anonymous said...

^^^ God you're a fucking child. You respond to facts with a temper tantrum? Go find your safe zone, poor baby.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the debt! (Outrage from the party of Dick "Deficits don't matter" Cheney) Here's some facts:

The trillions accrued during the Obama years were primarily from paying for Bush's wars and his great recession.

The annual deficit came down most years. $1.4 trillion down to $585 billion during those 8 years.

Fiscal Year, Annual Deficit (in billions)

2009 $1,413
2010 $1,294
2011 $1,300
2012 $1,087
2013 $679
2014 $485
2015 $438
2016 $585


If you're still upset, talk to your GOP majority congress which actually writes the appropriations. Especially, since it will remain at the same level this year with Trump approving over half a trillion of new debt.

Anonymous said...

Great spin, ass clown. "Paying for Bushes war and his Great Recession". Bushes War, that virtually all Democrats voted for? The Great Recession was an excuse for Obama to shove in tons of extra spending - remember Rahm Emmanuel saying "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste"?

Obama's annual deficits at the end of his term came back down toward the already high levels in which he came into office. You also aren't factoring in that overall spending and tax levels both increased tremendously during Obama's watch.

Dude, you need to do a better job of data manipulation to support your flawed argument.

Anonymous said...

No credit for you. In math, you need to show your work. I don't see any.

The Iraq war was is on Bush, no matter how you try to spin it.

Obama had tax cuts, which was part of the recession recovery package. That extra spending in the first year stopped a great depression. Spending was latter rolled back. The sequester keep spending levels frozen for years.

I'll take the flip flops as progress, but it puts you on the wrong side of GOP talking points. Raising tax levels is not supposed to raise revenue (only kill the economy), but I'm glad to get your approval for the truth. The GOP also says Obama gutted military spending, but you're saying that spending increased tremendously. And thanks for retracting the deficits went up during Obama lie.