Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kansas City Voters Vs. Slumlords???

Grassroots action targeting property owners in hopes that social justice will make the real estate game just a bit more equitable. It won't. Read more:

Kansas City Housing Advocates To Start Petition For Rental Inspections

The recent refusal of a Kansas City Council committee to move forward with a plan to focus on health and safety concerns in rental housing may not be the last word on the contentious matter.


Anonymous said...

I'm not siding with anybody but the actuall good landlords can't do a damn thing if their renters tear up or trash their property. It sucks to be a good landlord in this city. The city will find a way to take your money

Anonymous said...

5:14 - Screen your tenants better.

Where do I go to sign the petition?

Anonymous said...

Good landlords screen their tenants and don't let the sparkling lights of the assured payments from "Section 8" rentals blind them to the likelihood of experiencing problems.

Good landlords would keep their properties up and wouldn't have any trouble passing inspections.

Unfortunately, the phrase "Good landlords" does not include the huge numbers of rental properties in this city that are "owned" by African American Churches, and those properties are the worst offenders.

The City is not about to cause any problems for that group of landlords, so I am skeptical about the effectiveness of any ordinance like this.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the 1st comment 100%

KC is a Magnet for low life trash scum Degenerates mostly !!