Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kansas City Sunday Early Flood Warning

Rain all night reminds us that several local street are flooded and early morning drivers should proceed with caution.

- Under local bridges urban core puddles are already at near car door levels.

- Keep an eye on constantly flooded Indian Creek.

- Around Flush Creek water is starting to crest as well.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

We don't need a Hurricane or riot to close highways here...just a steady rain.
Keep on building condos and the like... gotta love urban engineering.

Anonymous said...

Are they going to re-open Coach's. there was always a lot of good drugs and sluts there.

Anonymous said...

There are drugs and sluts everywhere. The best fucks are the married Joco sluts.

Anonymous said...

By Golly we knew that Earning TAX was good for something as Mayor Sly James said,,,,,,,

Its workin' alright !!!

Stealin MONEY from the TAX PAYERS to fund flooded streets and businesses !!!!

Now that sounds like a Super Great Commie Socialists plan !!!!