Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kansas City Solider Fights Repo Man

Reality check on how much Kansas City supports the troops when they get home. Checkit:

Wells Fargo accused of unlawfully repossessing service member's car while deployed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been six years since Jin Nakamura was serving in a combat zone in Iraq. While fighting for his country, Nakamura learned he was about to be taking on a whole new battle back home. "I was checking my credit history and saw that my car, I thought I was making payments to, was [repossessed]," Nakamura said.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the military should have done a better job of protecting Wells Fargo stage coaches back in the late 1800s. So many of the got robbed because the Army neglected to make the Wild West safer.

Anonymous said...

if you google the name of this company, you'll find a lot of sordid history, too much to even broach here.

Anonymous said...

Wells Fargo has participated in so many illegal activities in the past few years it's amazing that not only has no one gone to jail, but the few executives who were fired left with golden parachutes.

Anonymous said...

send it to drudge and fox news. he'll get a new car i bet.

Anonymous said...

Find the CEO's of Wells Fargo and take them to Lunch / Dinner is what I'd do !!

EXIT em' out the back door of the restaurant is how we used to do it back in my day,,,,

have the TRUNK Ready & lined with plastic !!!!

Anonymous said...

The problems of taking out loans for cars over what one can afford aside, this is a clear violation of the law and the guy will clearly end up with more than what he lost plus "distress" at losing his car. My car cost $4,500, no one can repo it (except the State if I don't continually pay property tax). It's not "cool", I don't like to "be seen" in it, but it does what it needs to do.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Good points, but it seems he was making his payments. One of many Wells Fargo frauds was to slap insurance on cars that were already insured and add the premium to the car payment without the knowledge of the borrower. The amount they were paying would not include the amount they didn't know they were being charged for Wells Fargo insurance, thus allowing Wells Fargo to charge fees for underpayment and eventually to repossess the car AND pursue the hapless owners for full payment.

Wells Fargo has an awful lot of sleazebags working for it--most of them in the executive suite.

Anonymous said...

Many of these corporations are fully aware of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act and they constantly violate it in hopes ignorance of the provisions of the act will work to their advantage. Most often they get away with some pretty sorry bullshit.

I was once a corporate manager in a well known company and I had a guy working for me who was making a pretty shitty salary. Eventually I learned that he had been in an Army Reserve Unit that got activated and he was deployed to join the conflict. When he returned home he was required to go back to his employer and reapply for a position. He was hired back for less than he was making when he left for active duty. He was put in a position to start his life all over. This happens often with returning soldiers.

The ACT provides that if you are working for a company and are called to active duty your employer is required by law to keep your position for you and upon return from deployment you not only get your job back, but you also get all raises and promotions you would have been entitled to had you never been deployed. Companies love to forget all about that shit.

I went up against my company over this very issue and the employee/soldier was eventually given a check for $28,000.00 (after withholding) for back wages and increases. The company brass became complete ass holes and went after both of us, got their asses sued and lost. We both moved on to greener pastures and it took about five years for all the court battles and delays before they paid up, but hopefully they learned not to fuck with a couple of pissed of veterans.

The military really needs to have a class for soldiers and sailors who are about to be deployed to make sure they or their families are not subject to the pressures and illegal actions brought about by ignorant ass holes in these companies. A lot of service members just get screwed because they are not aware of the protections they are entitled to related to the requirements of military service.

Anonymous said...

God bless our vets. Great Americans.