Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kansas City Soccer Championship Party

Pro-Top . . . Soccer fans gathering for their impressive wins that don't really generate much local buzz are STILL A GOOD TIME. Wear something light blue and, when pressed, just make an inspirational short-dude joke about Latif Blessing and ask for their take. Here are the deets:

U.S. Open Cup Championship Party set for Friday in the KC Live! Block

All Sporting Kansas City fans are invited to attend the U.S. Open Cup Championship Party and Medal Ceremony on Friday at the Kansas City Live! Block in the Power & Light District.


Anonymous said...

Soccer is for pussies and third world countries like Mexico

Anonymous said...

Yup, hurry up. Get your drink on (Dos XX -- Tecate -- NO Ecoli, er, Corona, though)!! Wear your Rinaldo, er, Beseler and Messi, uh, oops, I meant Zusi official replica jerseys!!

Gotta get that P&L $14. Million sumthin' shortfall PAID UP somewhat!!

Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal !

Anonymous said...

It's always a hell of a better to do it than to watch it,
and reading about it is a total waste of time!

Also, the words "Professional" and "Sports" don't go together!
That's like "Military" and "Intelligence", they just don't work.

What's "professional" about a bunch of overpaid louts playing some Kid's Game?

Anonymous said...

Sporting thinks a 15 year old boy is the best soccer player in the country they could find in the draft. Is any of the players over 6 foot and 200 pounds? A 15 year old boy is there hope then there's no hope for the sport goodnight Ethel