Monday, September 18, 2017

Kansas City Royals Rebuilding

The home team confronts a crisis of branding as fans must say goodbye to their last remaining favorites if the team ever hopes to return to post season glory. Here's a rundown:

What Happens Next for the Kansas City Royals?

Earlier this week, I wrote about comparing the season of the Kansas City Royals to a patient on life support. I took the liberty of signing the team's "Do Not Resuscitate" paperwork. But the season has now officially flatlined.


Anonymous said...

Alex Gordon didn't make enough money this year.
Give him a raise and you will see him shine.

Hyperblogal said...

Wade Davis has 31 saves for the Cubs.

Milk and Cookies Mikey said...

I agree with 7:35, as I have some inside info that Alex is planning on taking his already legendary offseason workouts to a level never seen before.

He has plans to bring in some elite local high school pitchers who will be throwing him nothing but change ups all winter so as he can really get dialed in on that pitch.

This is exciting news, as I expect that he will come back in April and be absolutely destoying the ball .

Anonymous said...

Greg Holland has 40 saves for the Rockies

Anonymous said...

Get used to a lot of seasons with 90-100 losses again. Our minor league system is garbage and our owner is cheap and doesn't care if the Royals win as long as he makes money.