Friday, September 15, 2017

Kansas City Public Radio Earns Big Bucks To Make Sunflower State Progressive News

Public/private financing ramps up to bring monotone and left-leaning "journalism" to this historically Red State. Checkit:

KCUR Awarded $500K To Create Kansas Public Media News Collaboration

Thanks to an infusion of national funding, the Kansas News Service - led by KCUR 89.3 - will expand its reporting network with public media stations across the state. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting this week announced $502,327 in funding for public radio stations serving Kansas to collaborate on local news coverage and improve news-gathering efficiency.


Anonymous said...

Jesus this is going to pay off like giving members of BLM a scholarship.

Anonymous said...

NPR = National Petroleum Radio

Anonymous said...

National Pharmaceutical Radio

Anonymous said...

National Pravda Radio.