Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kansas City Northland Developing

For a change, let's check some well-informed and thoughtful local blogging on the development of the Northland despite political & red tape challenges. Take a look:

Another Phase of the Route 152 Trail Out to Bid

Today was one of those days where just a simple thing like getting a project out to bid completely makes putting up with all the government stupidity and frustration worth it. I've blogged in the past about getting something to implementation in government can be pointless but it's all forgotten...

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Anonymous said...


The ONLY purpose of the part of Kansas City north of the Missouri River is to provide funding for the "real" parts of Kansas City, south of the River, down to 85h Street!

Shit, if you assholes north of the River got anything like street repairs, sewer repairs or timely Police or Ambulance responses it would cut into KC's ability to keep the important things afloat, like Sprint Center, the P&L District, 18th & Vine, Westport, the Plaza, and the Stadiums!

Hell, you act like you think you're actually part of this City! Sometimes you crybabies make us wonder if it was worth annexing you at all!

SO SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS AND PAY YOUR TAXES! Oh, and don't forget to vote FOR the Single Terminal Airport, you know, the one we're going to build in Platte City! That's north of the River, you dumbasses! HOW DARE YOU SAY WE NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR YOU? Try NOT paying us your Taxes, and you'll find out how fast we DO SOMETHING "FOR" YOU!