Friday, September 15, 2017

Kansas City Northeast Love Nest

EPIC pix of a classic KCMO urban core dwelling built back in the days when home ownership was still an option for the working-class. Checkit:


Historic Northeast bungalow. Built in 1929 and lovingly restored over the last few years. 64123/home/93089358 Saltwater pool.


Anonymous said...

what a liar!!!

they stretched the photos to make the open spaces look bigger.

The black and white tile look like rhombuses and that little honda motorcycle looks like a wide glide harley.

Anonymous said...

Walter White would love this place.

Anonymous said...


What makes him a liar? It's a photograph, dipshit.
It's a "bungalow". Not a mansion.
And the photographer isn't selling the home.

Take another toke and hit the sack like you do everyday.

Anonymous said...

6:39AM-You got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a nice home. Northeast area was decent 40-50 plus years ago times change and so do the neighborhoods. A white middle class area in the 30-s and 60's.

I drove through it the other day and I could visualize how it was back in the days.

Anonymous said...

So who got their bunghole restored?

Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

Thia house and the one next door both sold in foreclosure in the last five years for under $50K.