Monday, September 11, 2017

Kansas City New Airport W/MBE Redux

More promises from an out-of-town company with no track record . . . The opportunity here is for opposition political campaigns to pay better than this old school lie that never comes to fruition. Checkit:

Local partner gives minority contractors comfort with Edgemoor team - Kansas City Business Journal

Edgemoor's plan calls for it to exceed diversity hiring requirements and to offer a free program, likened to a "construction MBA," that will help small local businesses participate in large projects such as the single-terminal modernization of Kansas City International Airport.


Anonymous said...

This will be a disaster if mwbe contractors get involved, just wait, you think burned and mcdouche had trouble in Branson then you ain't seen nothin yet!!!

Tracy Thomas said...

Hey, Tony--This actually IS a verifiable fact.

All Rob Roberts needs to do is check with the 40 previous airports this Edgemoor has built, and see how they treated minority participation there. I doubt this mini MBA is some new idea.

Do the research.

I'm getting tired of the whining. If you are this opposed to Edgemoor, isn't that playing into Burns & McDonnell's hands?
Even if the public votes no in November, the council is apparently able to vote, by simple majority of 7, which they of course have, to proceed. Which they will.

I also seriously doubt the eternal losers at CFRG/dan Coffey and his Calamity Jane gal pal, Sherry Janes, his gal pal, will raise $150,000 to run an opposition campaign for November. Even if they do, if past is prologue, they will blow the money on fripperies, like they did in the past, including $7000 for ads on cell phones. And ugly crowded unreadable billboards on the "wrong" side of the street, rather than right hand readers.

Move on, folks. This got decided when the selection committee named Edgemoor. Sly James is a lame, lame duck. Take solace in that.

Tracy Thomas said...

By the way, Tony--please stop linking to Biz Journal. We can't read their stories unless we subscribe, which is preposterous. Trolls don't subscribe!

So it would be far more useful if you would just reprise the highlights. Or get a special link from KCBJ that allows only TKC readers to read stories--just the ones YOU link.

Tracy Thomas said...

Come to think of it, technically, that would not work, because I would be linking, not you.

So the only solution is for you to get permission from KCBJ to cut and paste their story inside your post--with attribution of course.

Please and thank you. It's not like you are commenting on EVERY story they write.

At least with the KCSTAr, one gets 30 free looks a month (about 35 if you link from a cell phone.)

And with the parsimonious non-news pablum at Jay Senter's Shawnee Mission Post, (no relation to my, non-subscribers get THREE free links per month.