Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kansas City New Airport Crash And Burn Documented: How Did We Get Here???

Perfect for #TBT - A look back at the long journey to develop a broken plan that nobody (but paid consultants) really wants. Checkit:

A Linked Summary of the KCI Terminal Saga

In April 2013, Kansas City Mayor Sly James called for an " adult discussion about the facts" regarding the proposal to build a new single-terminal airport. Reach your own conclusion about whether that has happened. The Kansas City Star editorial board has rightfully derided the airport single-terminal bidding process as a " disruptive mess" " marked by distrust, misinformation, unnecessary secrecy and conflict.


Anonymous said...

One corrupt step at a time.

Anonymous said...

vote no. force a remodel.

Anonymous said...

All the union crybabies that mooch for a living will vote yes but that's about all.

Anonymous said...

A required primer for the new City Hall reporter for the Star

agentzero said...

TV shows do better on redoing yard landscaping

Anonymous said...

The City government and their handlers know how stupid the voters are. We will buy any argument that they and the KC Star put forth. Yes, you (stupid voters) need a new airport. Yes, the airlines WILL pay for it (snicker-snicker). Yes, B&M will manage everything. Just give them a blank check and go back to what you were doing. (pat on the head)

Anonymous said...

Kansas City deserves honest government. Right now it's all dishonest stealing lying politicians. Who can grab the money first. And a newspaper that help them do it.

Anonymous said...

I see that Con job comin
comin round the bend
I ain't seen ethics
since I don't when

Ole KC keeps a scamin
scamin all the time
Well they robbed all the Citizens
Just to see em cry.

You sheeple will vote in this mega corrupt one terminal and have it counter sunk up your family budgets ass.