Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Just one of many signs that this KANSAS CITY'S NEW AIRPORT BIDDING IS COMPLETELY BUSTED AND RIGGED and has become a circus on the week of the big decision. Checkit:

Breaking News in the KCI Airport selection process

The airlines that serve Kansas City International Airport and the city's Aviation Department said they want a new single-terminal airport and the airlines will be paying for it.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Buttfuck & McDouche complaining about someone not playing fair.

Anonymous said...

All the infighting will result in the best outcome. There will be no new airport.

Anonymous said...

Long live the farce!

But vote no after the show is over!

Hyperblogal said...


Phil Cardarella said...

Of course, neither Mr. Renner and the independent counsel and money advisers insisted on by the Council over the objections of the Mayor -- whose independant advice may have saved the City hundreds of millions in the bid process -- nor the Council aide who simply greeted a long-time acquaintance met in secet at an exclusive private club with the Burns & Mac folks and then offered then a billion-dollar, no-bid contract. The Mayor, the City Manager and Councilmember Justus did that.

In fact, the Mayor's press conference announcing that no-bid contract still runs incessently on KC"s Channel 2 -- despite the fact that he was ultimately forced to allow a bidding process to proceed (with the bids to be reviewed by a committed of six -- three of whom were at the secret River Club meeting, plus two subordinates. Only Councilmember Reed has any actual independence.)

One does have to wonder just what the Burns & Mac lawyer is so upset about.

Anonymous said...


One has to wonder just how much SECRET UNDER THE TABLE DEALS were made with that KCMO Mayor Lyin' Sly James ????????

You can bet your sweet ass, that theres something going on, secretly in Disguise worth several million dollars under the table under who the hell knows what Bogus Phony name to hide the MILLIONS that's being secretly shuffled under the table to Ol Lyin Commie Sly James !

Why would any Decent Reputable Mayor NOT want to accept at least 3 or more bids on any Project ???????

unless there is something else going on SECRETLY that's going to BENEFIT, the person in charge of holding off any other Bids to other contractors !!!!

Its refered to as FRAUD & CORRUPTION !

Which the way their goin about it, falls under the RICO Statutes !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for condescending to our level, Philatio.

Anonymous said...

With the very high scary murder rate- with allegations of conflicts of interests- with lawsuits on forcing people to vote by mail- the City of Kansas City should be featured on Comedy Central.

The Comedians that run the show at City Hall just need to propose more stuff and let Sly lead the way.
As the laughingstocks who wear jester infused personalities- they could entertain for hours with just a camera at their meetings.
Think of the silliest slapstick and city hall has it beat.

Anonymous said...

the description for the airport process begins with cluster

Anonymous said...

“…and the airlines will be paying for it.” I guess City Hall thinks the airlines will pay for it by taking money from their profits. I think maybe the airlines will raise their fares to recover the increased costs so airline customers in KC will really be paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Yup', the AIRLINE Customers and the TAX PAYERS who own property in KCMO / Jackson County etc.

Problem is with these venues once they are actually paid for,,,

they never ever LOWER any of the FEE's, they just leave them in place and keep racking in the money from TAX PAYERS !

Now imagine if that were VEHICLE and you were paying for it,,,,,,,

are YOU willing to make VEHICLE Payments for 30 to 40 years on the same vehicle ??????

when YOU actually already PAID for that Vehicle the 1st 3 to 5 years already ???????

How long are Kansas Citians still going to be footing the BILL for that Disastrous SPRINT CENTER down town ?????

as well as that pathetic 18th & Vine JAZZ District, that's already had $100 million pumped into it thru the decades !!!!

Those Degenerate COMMIE's down at KCMO City Hall, only thing they know how to do is steal your money along with those at Jackson County !!!