Saturday, September 02, 2017

Kansas City Lights Out In Quality Hill

Another sign of Kansas City infrastructure FAIL and misplaced priorities not so far away from a litany of tax payer subsidized development projects that hijacked KCMO's civic agenda. Delve into the deets here:

Lack of street lights worries Quality Hill residents

People who live in the Quality Hill area are worried about the lack of lighting near their neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Street lights ruin the night for the law abiding and the criminal.

Anonymous said...


I'd like to ask that every single one of YOU readers here on TONY's KC Wonderful Blog take the time to actually WATCH THIS VIDEO !!!

What is it ???

Its called the "AGENDA 21 PLAN" !!

Where some members of the Political Liberal Party wanna use up Hundreds of Millions of YOUR Tax Dollars to fund all kinds of worthless Subsidized Projects (Silly TOY TRAINS) that very few citizens will actually use as well as Forced Public Housing !!!

This VIDEO your about to Watch - is a VIDEO of a very Heated PUBLIC HEARING ~ !!!!

Watch & Listen carefully , without skipping thru it and more importantly PAY ATTENTION & Comprehend.

Also research "AGENDA 21" and YOU yourselves find out what its about and which "Socialist" Political party is pushing & representing this pathetic Agenda !!!!


Anonymous said...

sLIE be stayin there, when he's not at burns and Mack sucking their dicks! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I would gladly have KCPL take out the many streetlights they installed in our neighborhood to cut down crime, and share them with the folks on Quality Hill. I mean we have so many lights on our streets, you can read a book at midnight. As far as it reducing crime? Well, not so much. It just gives us a better view of the criminals.