Monday, September 04, 2017

Kansas City Labor Day Blogging

The top faith writer in Kansas City offers his perspective on the holiday. Checkit:

The value of labor today: 9-4-17

On this day when we honor workers and think about what kinds of economic systems are fairest to workers, meaning the least oppressive, I want to share with you this piece, which you already may have seen in The Kansas...


Anonymous said...

I notice Tony does not even mention his name in the post...

BILL TAMMEUS...why don't you allow comments on YOUR blog?

I know you read these, because you complained on your blog about criticism from commenters here.

Are you afraid those atheists will come back and start making vile and even possibly threatening remarks against Christians?

Did some hack lawyer threaten to sue you for them?

I am just wondering.

A lot of people are.

Anonymous said...

At least Bill is not bashing Catholics today?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bill but I don't "think about what kinds of economic systems are fairest to workers". Fairness is one of those things that 10 year old whine about, real adults realize that the world's not fair and do what they need to do.

Anonymous said...

Bill who? Another joker strained out of the murky waters by Tony and dreamed into significance? Sorry dude but another situation where no one five minutes out of TKC could give a shit about.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bill: Why not go back 150 years, instead of 50, and let everybody carve out their living from a small plot of ground? That's a heck of a lot more equitable as an economic system, much "fairer" than what we have today.

College-educated family men shouldn't be flipping burgers in the first place, and demanding more than the true labor cost of burger-flipping just because they have a degree and a family. A part-time entry-level job isn't SUPPOSED to pay a living wage or support a family. It's a supplemental income, generally for teens just learning about the workplace.

A full-time job AFTER entry level should be taking care of the living wage needs. And if it doesn't, we have plenty of subsidized programs to help fill the gap. Jeebus.