Friday, September 08, 2017

Kansas City Desperately Awaits Highly Touted 'KCPD Surge' Amid 30% Homicide Spike 2017

Another progress report as we confront another deadly weekend: "The number of police officers on the streets in Kansas City has dropped by 130 in less than 10 years, according to the Fraternal Order of Police." Read More:

New KCPD chief wants to spend more time with officers on patrol

Breaking News Kansas City's new police chief is preparing to tackle the city's climbing homicide rate. Chief Rick Smith said he wants to spend more time on the street with his officers. "I want to have some of that interaction with the people that I've work with for years," Smith said.


Anonymous said...

Leave the hood alone as much as possible. Quit wasting police resources on the black on black violence. Protect the areas that are important, like the Plaza. Free heroin in the hood for anyone for 6 months, then pull the plug on it. Then we will see some real violence and maybe have as many murders as Baltimore or St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

The idea that KCPD is going to much of anything about stopping murders is just fucking ignorant given that near all the murders are about boons and gin or drugs and committed between friends and relatives. Certainty a little RICO applied to the hood gangs would help on applicable offenses, but Tammy Dickless is too busy chasing fake porn agents, while collar bullshit, perverts and chasing headlines to get to work on real violent crime.

People need to accept that police are an "after the fact" agency. They prevent near nothing, show up after you are injured, victimized or dead and write a report that, more often than not, floats off into that local government wasteland of pile up statistics. Now, it is fact, that there are a myriad of things KCPD could do to solve crimes and most cost money. In KC the idea of spending money on crime resolution does not seem to be able to compete with hotels, boon party districts, airports and pet projects.

People need to accept the fact that they are the first and most effective line when it comes to preservation of their health, life and property. Only a fool could possibly believe that the police are somehow going to reach out and prevent them from being harmed and/or victimized in most cases. Police agencies are simply more government, work for government and their first priority is government. They spend more time taking care of government and covering their own asses than anything. When folks figure that out and actually start defending themselves perhaps there will be some grasp of how things need to be done in a modern world.

Retro ROCKER said...

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