Saturday, September 09, 2017

Kansas City Dead-Tree Conversation After New Single-Terminal Airport Bidding Decision

Newspaper "journalists" didn't contribute much to the discussion of the new airport and their reporting FAILED to move the dial in terms of public opinion or policy.

Nevertheless, they talk about the stuff we already discussed courtesy of taxpayers and viewers like you . ..

"Nick Haines, Barbara Shelly, Dave Helling, Steve Kraske and Steve Vockrodt discuss the twists and turns of the push for a new KCI including the selection of Edgemoor Infrastructure as the winner of the bidding process, the impact of KCI debate on other City Hall issues, the response to Indian Creek flooding, the rising homicide rate in Kansas City and the push to increase the minimum wage in KCMO."

Take a look:

You decide . . .

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agentzero said...

Until late in the game the Star was relatively low impact on the process. They still are not that rigorous on elements. Imagine buying a car because of financing but then not knowing what the car looks like, or how it runs. We are on the threshold of transport change, do we know that is factored in the design process. We do not, relatively certain the decision team is rushed and out of their depth.