Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kansas City Chattering Class Saturday

Compilation of Kansas City conversation featuring pundits, politicos and newsies discussing social media topics from earlier this week.

Take a look:

Kansas City Ruckus Review

"Mike Shanin interviews Kim Kimbrough, Executive Director of the Westport Business League, about safety concerns in the Westport district and efforts to privatize streets. Theresa Garza, Pat McInerney, Crosby Kemper III and Ron Freeman discuss whether Jackson County should renovate or replace the jail, the metro visit from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos & the latest in the push to build a new KCI."

This Week According To Newsies

"Nick Haines, Steve Vockrodt, Scott Parks, Aaron Randle and Dave Helling discuss the politics surrounding federal money for hurricane relief, the lack of a KC social scene for young black professionals, the local impact of the recent St. Louis riots, the latest twists and turns in the KCI debate, concerns raised after a man found dead in KCI parking and the debate over a new Tyson Chicken plant."

The Week According To 12th & Oak

"The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments . . . Along with all the propaganda from the Mayor's office."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I didn't know we had to supply the black professionals a "social scene" to hang out, why don't they create their own place. maybe they can have one with concrete walls so the bullets stay inside and won't kill any innocents outside

Anonymous said...

^^^ we don't. They wouldn't want it if we did. They already do that for themselves. Has nothing to do with Westport.