Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kansas City Ballet Romeo & Juliet PC

This one is a nitpick and maybe just a bit cranky . . .

First the good, the upcoming KC Ballet production of Romeo & Juliet looks AMAZING and the cast is obviously more talented and skilled in graceful movement than online denizens could ever dream.

The only gripe:

"So many local productions mistakenly believe that if their cast looks like the crew from the Starship Enterprise, then the systemic disparity and elitism which powers their artsy endeavors is somehow forgiven. From the vantage of this blog . . . It just looks like they're trying too hard."

Ballet is an elitist luxury or something that new money attempts to enjoy in order to forget that they're only one step removed from a meth town front porch . . . While diversity often strengthens an organization or a system, the obvious "post-racial" (ugh) branding slathered upon so many billboards around KCMO doesn't change the fact that this is a production by and for the mostly rich & white elite. Denying as much doesn't make it any different. And none of this is a gripe . . . I think most down & out denizens of Kansas City would be glad to cede ballet to the 1% if we can take Ramen back from hipsters.

You decide . . .


chuck said...

Enjoy Shakespeare for as long as you can. Our Totalitarian Thought Leaders are erasing all things white and Occidental as fast as they can.

Google "American Inventors".

The only hope is someday, in the future, in a cave near Qumran, they will find, brittle, transcribed on papyrus in secret, at great risk, the deteriorating, priceless pages of Bloom's "Western Canon".

"Henry The 5th" with Kenneth Branagh".

"Othello" with Lawrence Fishburne.

"Hamlet" with, yes, Mel fuckin Gibson.

These movies will be banned and called "Post Colonial Propaganda".

Anonymous said...

I would like to get on that girl in the video

Anonymous said...

I want to dry hump the guy in the video.

Anonymous said...

The Ballet, the Symphony and most theatrical performances in general are way beyond our ability to pay for tickets. I would love to go, but even the "cheap seats" are half a week's grocery money. They don't want the ordinary folks attending because ordinary doesn't buy season tickets or leave endowments. Gosh, they may not even know when to applaud.