Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kansas City Afternoon News Wild Side

Hottie Joanna enters the fray of political discourse on behalf of PETA as we eat up all this local news. Take a look:

Kansas City Clickbait Works!!!

Glassdoor ranks KC No. 3 in nation for jobs; software engineers wanted

Popular job search site Glassdoor released a list of the top cities for jobs, ranked by affordability, hireability and employee job satisfaction. Kansas City nabbed a No. 3 spot on the list, following Pittsburgh at No. 1 and Indianapolis at No. 2.

Suburban Prank Terror Suspect

Bomb threats to Roeland Park Walmart land man in jail

Larry Wilbanks, 42, is charged with phoning in multiple bomb threats to a Wal-Mart store in Roeland Park.

Westside Faith Community Divided

Angry neighbors call for boycott of Boulevard Beer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Nearly two dozen angry neighbors are calling for a city-wide boycott of Boulevard Beer because the brewery continues to push for a beer garden next to their church. At City Hall, homeowners believe Boulevard is purposely dragging out the approval process in hopes that opponents will disappear.

Alleged Kansas Creeper

Man pleads guilty after placing pinhole camera in Gardner woman's window

A man could spend time behind bars after pleading guilty to felony breach of privacy for mounting a pinhole camera in the window of a Gardner, KS woman.

Kansas City Solutions???

How Struggling Communities Can Help Themselves, And Black Journalists And Racist Readers

Despite decades of government assistance, violent crime continues in too many American neighborhoods. That's why Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center, thinks the solution for troubled communities must come from local leaders themselves, not from the federal or state level.

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Anonymous said...

Joanna, seeking to make beastiality fun again.

Anonymous said...

The Struggle Is Real

Anonymous said...

Come on kid post the video you made.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is developers don't give a flying fuck about the integrity of a neighborhood or the opinion of surrounding property owners. It's all about money and turning the easiest, fastest profit. City zoning ordinances protect developers, not neighborhoods. Westside included.