Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jackson County Prosecutor Mean Jean Peters Baker Misses Fundraising Goal

Follow-up from our blog community . . .

Earlier this year the Jackson County Prosecutor made an impassioned plea to help a crime victim.

Here is a portion of her remarks:

"Please help this Kansas City mom, LaShonda Kane, who lost her 14 year old daughter. Her daughter, Alexis Kane, was tragically killed by 3 males in Kansas City. She is struggling to provide for her remaining children and to heal from this senseless and brutal crime. This Kansas City mom diligently works at a local school cafeteria and the 8th grade students want to help her. Please join me and these Pembroke kids in helping LaShonda Kane and her children. This money will help her and her children heal through counseling and just making ends meet."

Sadly . . .


The lady in question works in one of the most affluent schools in all of KCMO and the help from "Mean Jean" was unprecedented. As the holiday season approaches Kansas City, we like to think of this town as generous but the uptick in local killing has seemingly made it hard for charitable locals to keep up.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

If Jean Petersucker Baker were competent enough to put criminals away for long sentences, Kansas City would be a lot safer. Way too many repeat offenders. She is worthless.

Phil Cardarella said...

Might have done better if Jean had left "Pembroke" out of the appeal. Good school - and not everyone who attends is super-wealthy -- but not the best appeal.

Wonder how much of the 20% was from the Pembroke parents -- and how much of that was from the super-wealthy. The wealthy may say that they consider their servants "like members of the family" but they really don't.

Anonymous said...

Go fund me campaigns don't just run themselves. A successful campaign involved and lot of social media, marketing and shoe leather. If you're not really in it to win it, it ain't gonna succeed.

Anonymous said...

The weak Jackson County Judge gave the killers a slap on the wrist for these brutal murders. The highest sentence was 15 years. The other two were only 5 and 10. Why are these Judges getting away with this?

Anonymous said...

For starters, Jean is worthless as tits on a snake. A no-nonsense babysitter would impose harsher sentences.
Secondly, this seems to be a major conflict of interest for mean Jean. Of the 111 murders so far this year, do you really think this is the only case that has created a financial hardship on the survivor(s)? Is mean Jean appealing for funds for them too?
Finally, there are enough government programs to take care of the needy from cradle to grave, so is it really necessary for Jean to pass the hat on the side? Oh, and to Phil the Fool, someone that works at your child's school is hardly a servant, not would they ever have the degree of closeness with a family that a maid, nanny or other household position would. Doofus.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Miz Baker lost all credibility with me years ago when she went to Maryville as a "Special Prosecutor" in a Statutory Rape case.

It seems that she felt that...
testimony from the 14 year old victim, plus
corroboration from a thirteen year old fellow victim, plus
corroborative confessions from four other witnesses, plus
did not constitute "sufficient Evidence" to bring charges!

I mean, I don't pretend to be a "legal expert", but

I know the asswipe's Grandfather was politically connected, but

Anonymous said...

While her heart may be in the right place, this is inappropriate unless she does it for Every.Single.Family.

Anonymous said...

I hear you 8:26 but this was really her teenage son's idea. The lady works in the cafeteria and everyone likes her and wanted to do something nice since her daughter was so brutally murdered.