Monday, September 25, 2017

Is Kansas City Killing You???

Take a look at number crunching without much insight into contributing factors for increased fatalities:

Do you live in one of the KC ZIP codes where life expectancy is going down?

Kansas City Health Department data shows that in each of the last two years there were four ZIP codes in the city in which life expectancy was going down. Department officials aren't yet sure why, but they think it may be related to socioeconomic changes within those ZIP codes because those factors tend to influence health outcomes even more than medical care.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, those zip codes are full of black people? Bullets killing the males and fried food killing the obese black welfare queens. Seriously, think how rarely you see a thin black woman.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are soooooooo RAYSHITZ. If you white MOFOs would hand over more money black folk would not need population control.

Anonymous said...

They are wrong on 64123, it is mostly Hispanic. There is a lot of prostitution in that area too, not saying it's Hispanic people, but white and black prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not dumb enough to live in any of those zip codes.

Anonymous said...

Gotta Love it !!!

Quote "Department officials aren't yet sure why" ??????????

well NO shit Sherlock !!!

They work for the KCMO Health Dept and most likely went to the pathetic KCMO school district as well.

That's why they got hired, because they don't need to know much,, their too dumb stupid to know anyway !

The answer is right in front of them, its there everyday, has been for decades !!!

WHO wants to guess what the answer is ?????????????????????

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Anonymous said...

Just part of the Centers for Disease Control and liberal progressive talking points. They have been pushing this BS for several years and the Department administration has bought into it mainly just to stay relevant. If you read the literature you will find it full of bias and twisted logic. Just another way to push the progressive agenda which is 'don't blame people for making poor choices - blame the environment, lack of grocery stores, too many guns, social justice, unbalanced education, yada, yada, yada'.