Thursday, September 07, 2017

Irish KC Lesson In Language

A delightful missive from a once-blocal blogger who now resides across the pond and offers this post which ponders grammar and political correctness. Check:

[ Irish KC ]Kansas City Irish Festivals, Music, Pubs, & Events by an Artist in Ireland

Even Racists Got the Blues. I used to see a lot of this stuff when I lived in Kansas City. On tea-towels, on stained glass, on tattoos, on signs at festivals, and on t-shirts. You could see it coming too.


Anonymous said...

Just another delusional cunt that thinks "Blue Lives Matter" is racist. Much Ado.

Anonymous said...

He's just mad cause they're always trying to steal his lucky charms.

Anonymous said...

Short version: Only I am genuinely Irish! Look at my ostentatiously Celtic name for God's sake! If any of you bastards drink green beer or do anything I haven't approved as authentic, I will definitely blog about it!!!

Anonymous said...

Blue Lives Do Matter, you linguistic douche gargle!