Saturday, September 09, 2017

Immigrant Song: Woman Confronts Alleged Impact Of Deadly Hate Crime And La Migra

For this woman the American dream was in jeopardy UNTIL Kansas Congressman Yoder came to her rescue in an exceptionally compassionate move. Checkit:

Widow of Olathe bar shooting victim faced deportation

The widow of an Indian national who was fatally shot at a suburban Kansas City bar in an alleged hate crime was facing deportation until a Kansas congressman and others stepped in to help her get a one-year visa. Sunayana Dumala lost her U.S.


Public Service Announcement said...

Adam W. Purinton a white man sits in a jail charged with a hate crime while Fredrick Scott a black man sits in a jail not charged with a hate crime after killing who knows how many white men.

Brandon Howell another black man sits in jail going on three years now for killing 5 white people and he has yet to be charged with a hate crime.

When you're a black man and kill more than one white man and no black it's a hate crime.

This ladies husband after drinking at the bar could have hit a tree and killed himself and maybe someone else and she would have still be forced to leave the country. See thats the issue if your legal status to be in this county isn't any good to begin with then you pay the piper and leave like a good illegal person should. Every day life is full of challenges and to have our politicians giving out select freebies and live in America cards is when they should be kicked out of office and forced to the unemployment line as should be that witch from Missouri.

Anonymous said...

It was a nice gesture of Yoder to make, but I can't imagine she would want to stay here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will open up a good massage parlor.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe she's Indian. She looks like a Mexican and should be deported

Byron Funkhouser said...