Friday, September 22, 2017

Exposing Kansas City Secret Ruckus This Week: KCPT Fears Critical Comments

Here's a peek at local broadcast conversation mostly hidden from everyone but their donors . . . It's a worthwhile discussion wherein these local opinion leaders attempt to SPIN their sentiments but don't want any challenge to that opinion. Take a look for those who don't have any fun plans on Friday night. Checkit:

Watch now: Ruckus | Jackson Co Jail, Betsy DeVos in KC, KCI - September 21, 2017 | Kansas City PBS Video

Mike Shanin interviews Kim Kimbrough, Executive Director of the Westport Business League, about safety concerns in the Westport district and efforts to privatize streets. Theresa Garza, Pat McInerney, Crosby Kemper III and Ron Freeman discuss whether Jackson County should renovate or replace the jail, the metro visit from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos & the latest in the push to build a new KCI.


Anonymous said...

Cops are out of control all over the country. Richard Nixon started this after he developed mob ties when Batista was exiled from Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Public broadcasting is even more out of control.