Thursday, September 07, 2017

Explaining The Egg On His Face: Guv Brownback Tyson Jobs Plan Hatches Community Controversy And Protest

Leave it to an industry mag to come up with the best headline for this Sunflower State drama. Take a look:

Tyson's Plans Ruffle Feathers In Kansas

Tyson Foods plans to build a 300-acre, $320 million poultry hatchery, feed mill and processing plant near Tonganoxie, Kan., but the announcement Tuesday drew mixed reviews from county residents. Despite the economic potential, some Tonganoxie residents want Tyson to stay out of their community, with many upset that plans for the project were kept secret among state, county and city officials until Tuesday's announcement.


Anonymous said...

These people are right to be angry, mexican illegal aliens will be heading to their town for the cheap jobs and to take their kids to the ER when they have medical issues.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that Tongie is upset about the plant. On the Leavenworth group on Facebook, some of the group is upset and mad that the plant is not going into the City of Leavenworth.

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy(aka 6:54AM) The reason Mexicans work there is because they are the only ones who will. As a manager at a similar facility...I know. This is a fact. Fat, lazy, and dumb white-trash like you, won't work there. Are you prepared to work there? If not, please shut your ignorant mouth and move on to hating somebody else. The contempt you show for the Mexicans would be better served at people like you: big mouth white-trash.

Anonymous said...

8:23 if you paid a living wage and followed OSHA guidelines lots of people would work there.

In Iowa the local population who worked in slaughterhouses for years got pushed out by illegal or migrant labor. Because you want to pay people 7 bucks an hour and charge them for their uniform and safety equipment.

Anonymous said...

There goes Tonganoxie's chance to be the chicken plucking capital of Kansas. Back to the pumpkin patch.

Anonymous said...

Appears that,,,,,,,,,,

Mayor of Tongy got sum MONEY under the Table secretly to keep this quiet,,,, evidently !

1 council member claimed he didn't know what he was signing when he signed the non disclosure agreement ????

then why is he on city council ????

if he is that fuckin dumb & clueless !!!!

Anonymous said...

8:59AM-What's a living wage? I thought everyone on here was against the $15 an hour wages those fast food workers wanted? Being as how you don't own the business, you have zero say in what the company pays. So if the Mexicans fill the jobs you won't, you should keep your mouth shut. That's the point. They are doing the jobs Americans won't and idiotic responses like yours show that you like most people on here, lack a fundamental understanding of economics. It's why people like you are being replaced by robots daily. But sure, blame the Mexicans...and immigrants in general. Moron.

Anonymous said...

It's a nasty and dangerous job. Check out chicken processing plants for the real story.

Anonymous said...

Tyson Foods Inc. and its subsidiaries
dumped 104 million pounds of
pollutants into waterways from 2010
to 2014 – the second highest volume
of toxic discharges reported

FCK tyson

Anonymous said...

like 6:54 said....they probably do not give living wage or healthcare so they have to get ACA insurance and snap on US tax payers

Anonymous said...

americans will do the jobs, they are just less likely to let the company shit all over them.

Anonymous said...


Tyson Foods has been caught & fined numerous times for several environmental laws !

Tyson Foods has been Raided several times by US Customs and Local Police depts. for knowingly hiring and working illegals at their plants using FAKE Social Security numbers and Bogus identifications.

as well as NOT paying the illegals properly under the FLSA / Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines .

nor providing proper required "Workmans Comp" insurance on those illegal employees .

as well as proper reporting to immigration services

Yet often skirted the laws by claiming those illegal employees were NOT actual employees of TYSON FOODS , BUT, worked for an outside contractor with a contract to TYSON FOODS,,,,,,,,,,

TYSON FOODS has been a pathetic joke for Decades since the mid 1980's era as I recall, their constantly in trouble for breaking and ignoring all kinds of laws !!

The MAYOR of TONGY,, is either one good lying SOB, or he absolutely clueless and very NAIVE !!!!!

I would NEVER EVER Sign a NON DISCLOSURE agreement, especially IF I was the MAYOR who was "ELECTED" to represent the Citizens of the community for which I am supposed to represent !!

My Job job is to "Represent" those in my community 1st and foremost, NOT some outta state outside entity, for any reason what so ever !!

NOBODY from TYSON FOODS voted for that TONGY Mayor did they ????????

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^God damn you're dumb!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ god damn you're in denial!