Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Reality check for the so-called renaissance inside the loop:

Police investigating shooting near Kansas City Municipal Court

Police are investigating a shooting at East 11th Street and Cherry Street. A man suffered life-threatening injuries during the shooting. The address is near the Kansas City Municipal Court. Investigators believe individuals may have been shooting at each other in separate vehicles. Copyright 2017 KCTV (Meredith Corp.) All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to KCMO

Enter at your own risk

Enjoy your visit

Anonymous said...

Correction: Shoot out adjacent and sandwiched between the Kansas City Missouri Police Headquarters and City Hall in Downtown Kansas CIty. That's the proper and correct headline. The headline on the news article is misleading. Tell the truth in Journalism so people have a clear idea as to where these events unfolded. Stating Municipal Court is misleading and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

There were bullets flying everywhere.

This is the fault of Municipal Court. They should take the blame!

4 REAL KC said...


Anonymous said...

These "life-threatening injuries" are not helping the goal. Please aim more carefully.

Retro ROCKER said...

Drug gangs fighting over territory they aren't going to shoot there customers. You are not safe anywhere. Bullets fly on the highway.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the 24 million tourists hurt?
Don't tell me the trolley suffered any damage!
Most of the time in vibrant exciting downtown KCMO you could shoot a howitzer down the street and not be in much danger of hitting anyone.
High rents and living in a taxpayer-funded amusement park downtown are going to get old real fast as the violence spreads throughout the city.
And recent studies have shown that millenials really want to live in actual houses in the suburbs when they have decent enough jobs to afford them.
So much for the breathless fad of creative class urban living.
How long do the KCMO bonds issued to provide all these toys run?

Anonymous said...

Did Sly dive for the bushes like he did at the Cheescake Factory? Fat fucking lard ass chickenshit.

DramavilleKC said...

Saw dude slumped over with a bullet wound on my break. My parking lot was surrounded in crime scene tape when I left.

Gotta love Downtown! Buy a loft or condo!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Beautiful Downtown HOODRAT Kansas City, Missouri

where you'll get to experience such wonderful activities such as

Drive By Shootings


Dead Corpses

Druggies in the streets

Pan Handlers lookin to rob ya' ass !

Live Car Jackings

Armed Robberies


RAPES of hot women LIVE in public

TOY TRAIN Violence

Selling Drugs & Dope on the streets in front of KCMO City Hall

Last but not least 1 Degenerate pathetic worthless COMMUNIST Liberal Black Mayor , named Sly Lyin' James !!

Welcome to Kansas City Pissouri ~ !!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

See what happens in Killa City when building a single-terminal airport gets delayed!


Anonymous said...

Kansas City has become a hell hole.

Anonymous said...

This of course never happens in the Golden Ghetto. Or in St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

Nah. KC is fine. It's you losers who make it a hell hole. If you hate it so much, why are you here? Why haven't you moved? Why are you bottom-feeding? Why did your families disown you? Why are you so lonely that your only form of social interaction is posting worthless comments on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Wheres Sly? Where's the KCPD? Where's Jean Peters? Where's the police chief? Where's NOVA? Where's the city council? Where's Kander? Where's Hilary? Where's Waldo? Where's Trump? Where's the FBI? Where's Glazer? Where's chuck? Where's Koback? Where's Brownback? Where's killa city? Where's KC=Detroit? Where's the streets have no name? Where's the beef? Where's Silberback the tranny Sly? Where's stupid Dave? Where's the geezer hater? Where's homo tranny bitches?

Anonymous said...

I used to be a bondsman/ bounty hunter starting in the late 90s. There used to be a place called Leeds where KC housed all the criminals with KC charges. They closed it down because it wasn't accommodating enough for the KC Criminals. They hated going to serve time there. Guess what? Crime was down because there was a consequence for the crimes they committed. Now they house them on a floor at the Jackson County jail and its not very big so these repeat offenders know that they wont be in jail for a day or so and they take full advantage of the new system. The surrounding municipal courts now will take 10% of the bonds in cash or give signature bonds or ROR bonds if you spend 4-8 hours in the jail. The difference is if the criminals don't appear in court there is nobody looking for them for missing court like we used to do because we had a financial interest. The courts are happy with pocketing the money and letting these criminals continue to run the streets. It is so common knowledge with these criminals that they will be right back on the street if they get caught. So if you want know why crime is at a all time high look no further than KCMO, Independence, Raytown, Grandview and Sugar Creek. The surrounding Counties of Platte, Clay, Lafayette, Johnson and Cass are still hard on crime but Jackson County is a criminal infested hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 7:26 for your commentary.

I agree that if there is proper punishment for these jerks it will be a turnstile and they will just go out and commit crimes again.

Shameful that KC allows this to happen.