Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dead-Tree Media Against KCPD

Notice the trend . . . As public support for the newspaper fades, watch the organization take more swipes at the police as well-funded special interests flex their muscle and offer the only path for newspaper profitability. Still, here's a tragic story that deserves attention:

KCPD refused family's report of missing loved one who later turned up dead

Carrie Mae Blewett seldom let a day to pass without picking up her cellphone to call her mother, her children or another relative. After three days of silence, her family began to worry and went to the police. But the police officer declined to take a missing persons' report.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me in the least !!

I've had 2 vehicles stolen in KCMO and they refused to take an actual police report.

1st time was back in 1989 down off main near some club.

next day I found my vehicle and about 8 others parked in a row, all had been stolen and broken into.

2nd time was here at the house, on a Saturday mornin', same thing, no actual report.

But another police agency found it and called me on it, and let me come retrieve it before it was towed to impound.

KCMO is like dealing with the Keystone cops, their full of excuses, rhetoric and bullshit !!

and as a word of advice to others in the community,,,,

If you ever have to take care of a situation, your best off handling it yourself and NOT calling the cops !

The old way of handling things, like in Goodfellas & Casino style of handling situtations and forget the keystone cops !!!

Anonymous said...

^So, Clown, that musta been what that daddy and daughter thought who put the beatdown on that bad breakup Bo'fren!!

Yeah, well, we know which parts of your posts fit the Opinions, which is the Jokes, and your Stories that entertain and inform, I think.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Clown has a big mouth, but no balls. He talks a good game, but he is every bit the pussy bitch you imagine him to be. Aren't you? Tell them...they know.

Anonymous said...

Who cares, move along now please

Anonymous said...

We have NO respect for the KCPD. They shrug their shoulders and say "stuff happens" when people try to report crimes. They are worse than useless. Don't depend on them to protect you or your property. They won't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but if the KCPD had taken the report and had located her, she and her family would now be complaining about harassment!

She had her first kid at 16 and her last one at 33, are we to believe this is the very first time that she's disappeared for a week or two?

And why didn't the Star interview her Husband? After all, she's had four kids, she must be married! Isn't that the way it works? Especially if she and her family are Christians, as they claim to be!

Anonymous said...

What is the problem? No sense wasting money searching for someone if they are already dead. Just let them turn to beef jerky like the guy at the airport and let the coroner deal with it.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:49 & 11:53 commenters

You 2 sound like the typical YOUNG Degenerate Ass Clowns I'd like to take to Dinner :)

Anytime, Anytime !! :)