Thursday, September 07, 2017


Check the adventures of a former local talker who should still be on air if there was any justice in this world. Take a look:

Former KC radio host helps mother evacuate Florida

Former Kansas City radio host Darla Jaye weathered Hurricane Harvey and is now helping her mother get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.


Silverback Sly said...

Hopefully she wasnt scheduled to appear on Rob Carsons begathon...ooops i mean podcast

Anonymous said...

Her mom is really a smart woman.
She knows that whatever happens, Darla will make an excellent flotation device.
Bring it on, Irma!

Rodney said...

So, which one's Darla?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather not be around when Darla "evacuates".

Anonymous said...

Is Darla dating Tom Becka?