Friday, September 22, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Oktoberfest Booze Season And Local Craft Beer Glut

It's the best time of year for functional alcoholics with expensive tastes who love to drink outdoors in sweaters . . . However, the biz of pushing liquid depressants on the masses might be taking a tumble given the critical mass of rinky-dink breweries:

Is Kansas City's craft beer market comign to a head? - Kansas City Business Journal

With more than two dozen area breweries - and more on the way - the local market is filling but not yet tapped out. And for existing and new companies, the bar is rising.


Anonymous said...

The older I get the less I can stomach that crap. I just end up going back to Coors Light or Whisky.

Anonymous said...

People have a short attention span and are always looking for the next big thing. There probably won't be another large local beer to get as big as Boulevard anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Dotard pants-shitting geezer at 6:17 checking in, keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Go pick up A6 pack of Bud Light and actually enjoy a God damn beer fuck all that goat piss

Anonymous said...

6:37 you still wearing them skinny jeans and blowing dark beer at your fucking narrow ass just to look cool I bet you are and I bet you look fucking funny with all them pimples and that full beard

Anonymous said...

The KC Bier people at 79th and Brookside are printing money. The people from Waldo all walk up and bring their kids to play in the field next door while they get totally hammered then stumble home with the family.

Jesus it is crowded, you can't even drive by it, you have to go down Main to get home.

Sometimes they have those OOMPAH bands and the hipsters just get crazy as shit. It's almost as annoying as rap music.

Ok, forget that, I just decided that they can do whatever they want. It sure as hell beats America's Pub in your back yard with the cast of a Tarzan movie.


Anonymous said...

^^^Get off my lawn!!!! You are why there's a geezer-hater running amok on this site.

Anonymous said...

Hardly any story here.

Looks like some Editor wrote a Caption he or she thought was "cute", and then assigned a free-lance Stringer to cobble together an article to fit it.

A la the "KC Star School of Journalism", which has been doing the same for decades, and is now paying the price.