Sunday, September 10, 2017

Black Lives Matter And Social Justice Protest To Blame For Recent Kansas Prison Chaos?!?

The prison industrial complex looks for a scapegoat amid questions about their management, overcrowding and inability to control influx of newbies in the prison population. Checkit:

Kansas prisons chief thinks protests on the streets are responsible for the riots that keep happening inside his prisons

You may have heard that there was a terrifying uprising inside a state prison in Norton, Kansas, earlier this week. Corrections officers at the prison-Norton Correctional Facility-described a full-blown riot involving 400 inmates who smashed windows, destroyed computers, knocked over a medical-response vehicle and brandished homemade weapons, before officers from several other prisons arrived and restored order.


Anonymous said...

Give them guns and i bet half the prisoners would be dead because it's all gang violence in prison

chuck said...

The Pitch, of course, blames the prison system, because, you know, slavery and white people. FIRE THE WARDEN AND LET THOSE MISUNDERSTOOD FELONS RUN FREE!!

If they are understaffed, then, actually, the logical thing to do, would be to shoot and kill the correct number of prisoners who were violently attacking the guards, until the ratio was in line, with the current number of guards.

Even better, kill them all and take some much needed vacation until the next wave of thugs hits the door.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

5,000 prisoners die a year inside prisons. How many do you think they let go so the Warden doesn't have to cover the medical bills each year?

Anonymous said...

They are in prison, so if they riot two bullets to the head will end the riot very quickly.

Retro ROCKER said...

Give them great tacos on taco Tuesday. Give them something to look forward too .

Anonymous said...

bottom lline, overwhelming proof this demographic does not do right, and will burn down the house over a lie, will kill over a lie, and will blame something else for their own wrongdoings. bottom line. and prisoners are just warehoused subhumans, hey pitch put these fine gentlemen up at your house

Anonymous said...

Chuck hits on the nail again. Been gone from here for over a year. I just looked in to see if KC was still doing a blog and to my grateful surprise I see Chuck is still casting his pearls before swine.

The best part of this blog is Chuck's comments and the scum dog bottom part of this blog is Byron's comments.

And to all you Ferrel Neegros get 'ucked.

Sister Severa said...

Pants up! Don't loot! Pants up! Don't loot! Miami chant for the day, and happy hurricane!