Monday, September 11, 2017

Back To The Kansas City Monday Grind


Hottie Josie reminds us that every day is a gift and that's why we call it "the present" or whatever . . . And now we check this top KC news links for this morning . . .

Kansas City Downtown Distractions
Downtown is cookin' this week with Tech N9NE, Symphony & Disney

Kansas City Booze News

KC friends open microbrewery and restaurant off the beaten path, way off

Two guys from Kansas City are living out their dream, even if a lot of people believe it's in the middle of nowhere.Beaver, Kansas is situated along a dirt road about 30 minutes south of Interstate 70, north of Great Bend. The population is 17.

Another Lesson In Democratic Party Talking Points From Mary Sanchez

Betsy DeVos is about to meet reality during her visit to this Kansas City school

The life-size cutout of Michelle Obama in a white Grecian gown (leftover from a red carpet-themed fundraiser) will be tucked away during Betsy DeVos' visit next week to Kansas City Academy. The head of school feels it best not to rouse partisan emotions.

Nasty Catholic Kansas Charges

KCK archdiocese suspends reverend during investigation into financial misconduct

GARDNER, Kan. -- The Archdiocese of Kansas city in Kansas has suspended a priest while authorities investigate financial misconduct within the church. The Archdiocese recently received information about what they`re calling 'financial irregularities' at Divine Mercy Parish in Gardner, Kansas.

Kansas City Bad Luck Wedding

Blue Springs couple spends honeymoon riding out Irma in Florida

KCTV5 News spoke with a Blue Springs couple who took a trip to Florida and has found themselves stranded in the storm. Monica and Alan Poehlman got married just a week ago. They had scheduled a honeymoon to Tampa, Florida. They'd already paid for their resort and their flight, so they went ahead and made the trip.

The Local Forecast

Mild, sunny Monday ahead

Clouds from Irma are possible - but no rain.

Kansas City Wayback History

This Volker block was home to hard-working laborers

Laborers, most of them immigrants or the children of immigrants, were the first residents to occupy the block of the Volker neighborhood between Holly and Mercier from W. 40 th to W. 41 st. Some worked at the stockyards, but most were employed in Kansas City's thriving railroad industry.

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Anonymous said...

If we're lucky the Feds take the school district away from the incompetent boons running it

Anonymous said...

Two Jews get married in Florida's...News ?

Steve Hanson said...

We need to raise taxes in the Waldo area even more to pay for the education of
the poor black folk. My white privilege tells me so.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Favorite Beau

Josie caused me to get behind at work!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be damned, they go running straight to the Johnson County prosecutor when there's some dough missing. Other worse things happen and not so much do they go to a prosecutor.fucking typical no surprise here.