Friday, September 15, 2017


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Here's a quick one for those stuck watching the clock this afternoon . . .

From A Kansas City Fashion Victim:

Dear TKC,

I hope you can help me with this problem. There's this local newsie who's been bullying me to wear red clothing today (Friday). Why is she so concerned about my clothing choices, and why won't she leave me alone?

If I don't want to support a billionaire Texas resident (Clark Hunt) who pays bribes to steer investment funds to one of his affiliated companies, that's my business! Also, why does she want me to buy something from the McDonald's corporation, when they don't pay a fair living wage to their staff?

I find it odd that KSHB 41 is promoting an ANTI-BULLYING campaign, yet their on-air staff is using peer-pressure intimidation tactics to get people to wear red clothing today. Please help! Thanks for listening, I appreciate TKC being KC's last free speech zone.

My response . . .

Dear KC Fashionista,

I feel your pain.

Unfortunately, there's not a great solution here . . . My advice is to make Red Friday your own.

I'm always befuddled about po'folk spending all of their cash to support a team that doesn't really care about them one way or another . . . But groupthink is hard to shake in the workplace.

Therefore, whatever red gear you must adorn . . . Make it speak to your experience and perspective.

For instance, if I'm forced to go the dangerous and sometimes deadly Arrowhead parking lot this year, I'm wearing this outfit:

It's not only fun but also practical and I can wear it again.

Hope this helps.

Go Chiefs!!!

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the advice. Thankfully, that kind of outfit would get you a visit to HR post haste.

Sorry, no room for any fun in the workplace anymore.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Better question, why are you so consumed with the media acknowledging it??? Do you seek validation for bigotry??? Will it make you feel better for being such a worthless human being.

Anonymous said...

After paying 50 bucks for parking at Arrowhead my ass automatically turned red.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ LOL!

I'm sure that's pretty common but that shit cracked me up.

Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, the little Pansy Snowflake who's complaining is either to ignorant & stupid to turn off the TV or is constantly fearful of anything & everything somebody else says !!!

Typical of this younger Millennial Snowflake generation !!!

Anonymous said...

True Fact:

HR Cannot fire you if you only agree to be known by your ring name, El Gringo Rojo. Don't sign termination papers with your christian name. BOOM. JOB FOR LIFE.


The Revolting Blob

Anonymous said...

I boycott Christa Douchebag.