Monday, September 25, 2017

All Aboard The Kansas City Link Train Tonight

Right now we celebrate Ashley hotness because we believe that locals should go big or go home. Which is how we feel about most of these Kansas City mainstream media links.


KCMO Creative Class Signage Sign-Up

Local artists offered chance to display on Crossroads ARTBOARDS

By Melissa Wharton Northeast News Charlotte Street Foundation (CSF) and Missouri Bank are once again calling on local artists for the chance to display their art on the Missouri Bank Crossroads ARTBOARDS. The ARTBOARDS are two double-sided billboards that sit atop Missouri Bank at 125 Southwest Boulevard.

Kemper Arena Redux???

It's tipoff time for Kansas City arena redo [RENDERINGS] - Kansas City Business Journal

The renovation of the former Kemper Arena officially begins on Tuesday. Foutch Brothers LLC plans a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning for what's now called Mosaic Arena. The local developer plans a $39 million conversion of the arena into a two-level youth and amateur sports facility.

Dead-Tree Accounting Transcript

The state of Missouri owes Jackson County more than $800,000. Please pay up

The state of Missouri is indebted to counties around the state, nearly $19 million behind in payments for jailed inmates who later go to prison. Jackson County is owed $816,975, money that could provided a much-needed boost to our deteriorating jail.

Kansas City Lost & Found Effort

Kansas City police launch partnership with community group to help find missing people

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Families with a missing loved one have a new resource that might help make their world whole again. The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and AdHoc Group Against Crime have been working together for years, but on Monday, they officially announced their partnership.

Suburban Po-Po Search

Lenexa Police asking for help to identify auto burglary, theft and fraud suspects

The Lenexa Police Department is asking for help to identify two suspects wanted in connection with an auto burglary, theft, and credit card fraud investigation. Police said the two men used a victim's credit card at area stores after the card was taken as part of an auto burglary.

Fear Powerless Perfect Village

Prairie Village neighbors frustrated after repeatedly losing power

A neighborhood in Prairie Village has been left in the dark repeatedly this summer. Lynn Fenstad's backyard sits right below electrical lines that she says have caused several problems this summer. She's counted four major outages and several smaller ones in the past few months. "The transformer's right over there," she said.

Artsy Downtown Switcheroo

Kansas City's Power & Light District Gets New Mural After Building Hides The Old One

Alexander Austin has worked on some big canvasses as one of the city's preeminent street muralists, but the new assignment he's executing in the Power & Light District is taking him to an even higher level. As in 80 feet above street level painting a mural over a half-football field long on the new 24-story Two Light apartment tower.

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Anonymous said...

KCPD cant fight crime much less finds missing people.

Anonymous said...

KCPD is doing a GREAT JOB with what has been handed to them from Mayor Bullhorn and black people.

The post above is really showing ignorance, the KCPD fights crime very well it's the judges and prosecuting attorney who let them right back out on the street again.

But hey we all know blacks are cop killers.

Anonymous said...


Can't get enough of that Graham cracker!!!

Anonymous said...

Kcpd cannot even fight crime, the crime data clearly points out these facts.

Anonymous said...

You don't think this murder rate is fighting crime enough for you.

Anonymous said...

4:43Am & 7:00AM are two of the dumbest pants-shitters on this blog. Fact: The police cannot stop a murder! You can't! They have nothing to do with that. Your a fucking idiot to think otherwise. Go back under your beds you cowards.