Thursday, August 31, 2017

Witness Kansas City Old School Architecture

A beautiful look at classic Kansas City currently in decay . . . The very best #TBT note of the day:

Prohibition project: Grand Avenue Temple

Grand Avenue Temple, a Methodist church near the corner of Ninth and Grand, looks good for its age. The ionic columns and arched windows, lashed by weather and time, stand straight and tall as they did in 1912, when the building was dedicated.


Anonymous said...

Raze it. The end.

Anonymous said...

^^^ dumb idea. Somebody could profit handsomely from restoring an architectural treasure like this.

Anonymous said...

How can a building that was built in 1912 still "look good for its age" and a 40 year-old airport terminal be falling down?
Incompetence, mismanagement, inappropriate agendas, and lack of oversight and accountability come to mind.
A KCMO city government tradition.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment at 6:50 a.m. There is no money to be made from restoring a beautiful old building. If B&M were involved, maybe it would be saved. You are spot on with the last line - a KCMO city government tradition.