Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why So Much Pit Bull Hate In Kansas City???

Breed bans and old school stereotypes have encouraged longstanding discrimination against a dog breed when, in fact, dangerous pet owners are most often the culprit of bad doggie behavior. Checkit:

Dog not allowed into KCK competition because of Pit Bull characteristics

A Kansas City, Missouri woman said Kansas City, Kansas won't let her dog into a competition because the dog looks like a Pit Bull. "We're not really sure what breed Annie is," said Amanda Morrisey, the dog's owner. Morrisey and Annie compete in "dock dog" competitions.


Anonymous said...

the owners of pit bulls are sometimes scarier than their dogs.

Anonymous said...

Never fear. Mike Vick is in town working for cunt Clark Hunt.

Anonymous said...

WHY ????

Because of the number of kids & people Viciously attacked by those type of dogs, that's why !!

of course there will be the typical Nay' Sayers who'll attempt to say otherwise, as usual !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Shoot them all.

Anonymous said...

Should be need out of existence.