Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wesport Gunfire Persists In Kansas City

Tragic gunfire continues in a local party district that has endured yet another cruel Summer. Checkit:

Shooting near Westport leaves man wounded early Sunday

Police officers patrolling on foot soon after the 3 a.m. closing of the Westport entertainment district rushed to a shooting just north of the district Sunday morning. Police provided emergency medical services to a man who had been shot at 39th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.


Super Dave said...

The so called haters who want you all to be watching all the news about the statues and monuments they are removing in hopes you won't still see any stories on people being shot every day in our streets all over this country.

You idiots best get your damn priorities reorganize before things get worse than they are now.

I really don't think we will see much more of this lawlessness taking place too much longer before things get really ugly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fighting over some white trash bitch I bet!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they catch the negro who did it? Of course not. They probably took their time "rushing" there until it was safe to do so.

Anonymous said...

There was just a double-shooting in front of Californos. I'm sure it was those goddamn white people again.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. It was a negro, of course.