Thursday, August 03, 2017

Upcoming Kansas City Minimum Increase Wage Vote Contradicts Missouri Law

In much the same way STL had their wage increase vote REPEALED the newspaper notes that KC could confront the same fate . . . Which is what our blog community said months ago. Take a look: Grass roots or moot? KC vote on minimum wage increase could be meaningless


Byron Funkhouser said...

Vote for this increase, anyway! Make the State go on record as repudiating the will of the people.

2018 is coming to MO, too.

It's already come to WV: Capito's office was vandalized Sunday morning.

Public Service Announcement said...

^^^^^^^^^Shut the fuck up you non working asshole

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a fuck about a bunch of unskilled losers getting a raise. This whole dog and pony show is about scoring political points with a pack of shit heels that can be packed up and hauled to the voting places come election time. Why did none of this new age shit become an issue when the Democrats were running things? Are we to believe they had the foresight of a heard of blind amoebas?

Anonymous said...

Here I'll solve it , right here and now !!

effective immediately everybody is to make $75.00 an hour

and the Democratic Liberals have to pay everybody out of their own pockets , those who voted liberal anyway,,,

Enjoy your new raise !!!

Any problems NOT getting paid ????

consult your local Democratic Liberal,,, sure they'll have plenty of excuses , as usual !