Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump Card: Kansas City Streetcar Critics Hope Prez And Paltry Fed Funding Derails Toy Train

Critic of the streetcar come from both Conservative and Progressive perspectives . . . However, a great many locals hope that the new Prez and his lack of enthusiasm for Tiger grants will put the breaks on this long-running urban core scam.

Great quote from one of the best and brightest among our blog commuity:

"Good article on the future of mass transit. No one in Kansas City ever talks about people who live outside the TDD or work from home and would never use the streetcar to get to work."

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Will Donald Trump Expose America's Great Mass Transit Hoax?

Whatever you think of President Trump, his claims about the lousy condition of America's basic infrastructure are widely accepted-even by resisting Democrats grinding their teeth on a L.A. freeway or waiting for a New York or D.C. train to arrive. His call for a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan may be his last best bet for finding bipartisan support.


Super Dave said...

If he is smart he will expose the hoax but all the snowflakes will attack him for attempting to do what is right.

Anonymous said...

Trump is already a great President for several reasons:

1. Unemployment
2. Jobs created
3. Knows how to deal w rogue NKorea- thanks ball-less Obama.
4. Stock Market
5. Scared Chicago into coming up with a plan to deal w crime. Chicago is on a short leash and they know it.
6. Respects the military 3.7 times more than Obama.
7. Charity giving up 8.5% more than Obama.
8. Controller federal spending... good-bye KC 1900's backwards
9. Not scared of working with Big Business like predecessor
10. Cares deeply about women and has MORE working for him than Obama!

Let the protesters do what they've done since the 60's-... as for the rest of us- join us in MAKING ANERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

please expand I70 to three lanes.

Anonymous said...

Please arrest all boons without insurance, unsafe/unmaintained vehicles, illegal tags or no divers licenses and you wont have to expand the highways period.

Anonymous said...

Trump won't do "what's right".

Trump will do what's profitable for his group of developers, investors, industrialists and speculators. Just like the democrats.

Pull the wool from your eyes. Rep/Dem different snakeheads of the same corporate medusa.

Joseph Turner said...

Whether you think about it or not, even car travel is a form of "mass transit". It just works different and you are in your own vehicle under your own control. I employ several principles of "mass transit" in how I run the stop lights in St. Joseph, much to the outrage of the driving public up here. That's why everyone in this town hates me. Just read the comments in the local paper.

But I am right!

Anonymous said...

9:22 find something new to bitch about this has been every president since the birth of this country. same old crybaby bullshit, blame it all on the less than 2 million rich people in this country. Who do you think provides the good paying jobs in this country? Get out of bed and do what the other half of America does and go to work everyday and provide for your self. if you have a low paying job get a better paying job, it's no one else's fault but your own if you can't do better, get educated and keep improving your situation.

Byron Funkhouser said...

He's too busy playing golf to be bothered with any thing except war mongering.

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser's too busy playing with himself to be bothered with anything except spewing ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The only trains Trumps interested in are the Nazi death camp trains so he can take notes ad see if there's is some way to use their ideas now on Muslims, blacks, Latinos and non WASPS

Anonymous said...

The expansion of the Street Car will be derailed by Trump. If not, it will face a series of lawsuits and a huge public outcry for accountability in City Hall.

Anonymous said...

The only trains the Antifa are interested in are English soccer hooligan trains, so they can take notes on the best ways to gang up and use mace & brass knuckles on Whites.

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...

Well said - To achieve this, we need to jettison the quasi-religious affection for rail transit and explore in most of the country technologically enabled solutions such as telework, which is growing faster than any form of commuting, as well as rideshare technology.

Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

Anyone who cares about public transit wants to see our bus system fully funded and expanded. The streetcar cannibalizes bus funding and simply makes public transit cool for white kids who don't like the bus. If you have more than a ten minute conversation with *anyone* who wants to see streetcar extension to UMKC, you will hear a combination of complete and utter misinformation regarding public transit policy combined with racist and classist rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

agree that busses could be a sleeper form of transportation for our city.

they became my preference when living in large cities.