The latest ballot initiative from Kansas City's most prolific activist following a disputed election defeat . . .

Clay Chastain: The time has arrived to recall Sly James.

There comes a time when you must put up or shut up. After years of watching valid petitions form the people being abused by Kansas City's iron-fisted Mayor, Sly James, that time has arrived for me. Thus, the time has arrived to recall Sly James.

In 2015, James and the government deliberately placed before voters fraudulent, empty and meaningless ballot language that did not even tell the voters they were voting on a detailed petition proposal for light rail. Would you vote in favor of a $1.5 billion transit plan that did not even tell you what kind of transit system you were voting for??? Naturally, it failed.

On August 8, 2017, James and the government deliberately placed before voters, yet again, fraudulent, vague and misleading ballot language that did not reflect the "substance" of a detailed petition proposal signed in support of by thousands of Kansas City voters. Would you vote for a $1.2 billion rail proposal that did not even tell you where the rail lines would be going??? Naturally, it failed.

The City claimed the petition ballot language too long (L. Horsley Star 8 / 11 ) and that it had to "draft ballot language to make it comprehensible to voters." That's right!

In its "original form" the ballot language for the $1.2 billion mass transit proposal from the people was only half a page long. Compare that to the City's own $650 million transit plan (a few years ago) that was three pages long! And, how "comprehensible" was the City's corrupt ballot language (Ballot Question #2) that deliberately confused light rail with streetcars and did not even tell the voters where the rail lines would go or where the rail lines would stop concerning a $1.2 billion rail initiative?

It needs to be known, that I officially asked the City (well before the election) to place Ballot Question #2 before voters in its "original form," as they are required to do according to City Charter law. James refused. Since the fraudulent election, I have called upon James and the City to re-submit Ballot Question #2 to the voters (in November) in its "original form," and all will be forgotten. Once again, James has refused.

The Kansas City Star's guest editorial writer, Steve Rose, said (Star 7 / 17 / 2017) most people he interviewed described Mayor Sly James as "arrogant, stubborn, insensitive, and not a good listener." My experience, exactly.

I do not seek to pull away from my life to under take this serious and controversial action to recall a sitting mayor for his direct role in conducting fraudulent light rail petition elections in Kansas City. However, I see it as my moral duty to not only stand up for the integrity of Kansas City Elections, but also to stand up against the abuse and subversion of the democratic petition initiative process by Mayor Sly James and the Government of Kansas City.

The timing of the recall will coincide with whenever Sly James and the City place their new single-terminal airport proposal before the voters.

Mayor James and the City Council can open up a dialog with me to try and straighten this whole mess out, or face the possibility that the leader of the City will be recalled and the City's new single-terminal airport proposal will go down with him.

Clay Chastain


  1. Whatever!!!


  2. Now this is good news, and we all know Clay Chastain doesn't give up.

  3. Byron Funkhouser8/23/17, 4:17 PM

    Can he be recalled before the next election?

  4. Ideally S'lie would get recalled and Clay would slink back to Virginia never to be heard from again. #KorruptCity would benefit greatly if both just went away.

  5. Clay Chastain, the human silly season.

  6. I know lots of people that will work to get him recalled.
    Should have been done a long time ago before the murder rate went through the roof.
    With more hard rains on the way from Texas- what's he doing to help flooding a 4th time?
    Lol- train wreck keeps on going...

  7. Where do I sign up!!!

  8. The bigger question is can we vote to recall and expel Clay Chastain? If he we not allowed back in town, we would all be better off. That being said, getting rid of Mayor James gets a thumbs up... at least for the thought.

  9. The first time I'm in support of Clay Chastain. Godspeed, Clay.

  10. Where do I sign?

  11. Wonder what it would be like if mary Sanchez was mayor?
    Min wage raised to $30 and hour?
    Open borders to anyone?
    Anyone using racist language jailed?
    Key to the city for all journalists?
    Republicans fined for breathing?
    Annoint Lewis duigood for sainthood?
    Bestow herself for Mensa by adding 50 IQ points?
    Put Hobby Lobby family in jail?
    Jail anyone caught using her columns as fish wrap or in bird cages? ( that would be a neat trick as their aren't many hard copies anymore)

  12. Yeah' !!!!!

    RECALL that Lyin' Commie Sly James Fat Tard Degenerate scum !!

    Hell sign me up, add my name !!

    BUT, whatta gonna do with ol' Lyin' Commie Sly after he gets recalled ?????

    Commie Sly deserves some PUNISHMENT for his actions & lies !!!

    Believe I'll call my Friend TONY SOPRANO, from up East, Ol' Tony know how to Handle things, as always !!

    Trunk Music playin' in Da' works :) !!!!!!

  13. I'm all for the Mayor being recalled. That said, I would rather never read the name "Clay Chastain" again. WTF is he still doing here? Go back to your home and stir the pot there. I would be in favor of an ordinance preventing anyone but a registered voter in KCMO from initiating petitions for KCMO policies/politics. I know he couldn't be forcibly removed from the City, but that above ordinance would either make him move back, or pull some election/addressing fraud (for which he could be penalized criminally).


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