Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Quick overview of recent flooding damage and a look at how THE KANSAS CITY LEGACY OF DEFERRED WATER & SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE threatens the safety of all resident, commuters and tourists.

Check the links:

Local Disaster Clip: Family seeks safety on roof after Blue River floods

South Kansas City Kitty Survival Tactics: Crews rescue woman stuck in tree after she was swept away by Indian Creek flood

First Responder Cope With Deluge: Emergency crews rescue hundreds after historic flooding in Kansas City area

Dead-Tree Global Climate Change Talk: Summer storms drench Kansas City with nearly 3 times the normal rainfall

Lesson In Sewer FAIL: Schools cancel, delay classes due to too much rain

Soggy KCMO Pix: See images of Tuesday's historic flooding in Kansas City

Cowtown Animal Rescue: Pets at Red Bridge Winding River Pet Village are safe and have been moved to higher ground

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Global warnings fault that the sewers are clogged

JoCoPost said...

Was the stupid clueless woman who went by herself,in the dark of night, to sit in Coach's parking lot, to watch the flood waters, an American citizen?

I am guessing no.

Call ICE. She might need to go home and learn some lessons in life.

Taxpayer rescue.
No interview, even tho Fox 4 was on the scene during the rescue. Perhaps she spoke no English??
Also note she did not crawl into the tree with her cell phone. She just sat there like a stranded cat, and were it not for Fox 4 trying to do another tired story about an abandoned shopping center, where Coach's used to be, she'd still be there.

Silverback Sly said...

Maybe she was there for happy hour

Anonymous said...

while the O P fire sat around with their thumb up their asses it took a couple good old boys from Oak Grove MO. to do their job. Good job guys

JoCoPost said...

No, 2:26, that rescue was the family of 7 on the roof.
The rescue vehicle weighs 40,000 pounds.
Who will pay to repair the road?

1:15--I love your theory!