A discussion we predicted and talked about earlier today now becomes news fact . . .

From The Parks Department . . .

STATEMENT: United Daughters of the Confederacy

The Parks Department has begun receiving questions and complaints about the United Daughters of Confederacy monument that has been situated in the parkway near the intersection of 55th & Ward Parkway since 1958. Some are calling for its removal.

The limestone monument was paid for and first erected in 1934 at another location by the United Daughters of Confederacy. In 1958 it was relocated to its present site.

The Board of Parks Commissioners is reviewing the message on the monument in the context of today’s moral perspectives and sensibilities and take the public’s comments seriously, and all reasonable requests into consideration.


  1. Now I'm just going to laugh at all of this
    These statues have been sitting around for decades and I'll bet no one even knew they were there as they drove by them
    But in the last 24 hours there has been a Stalin like purge going on by people who couldn't tell what happened a year ago let alone a century
    Welcome to "pet rock" fad of 2017

  2. Absolutely nails it! Congratulations sir!

  3. I have been sneaking around and asking many questions of those on the left and they say no one is talking about removing anything and might not be ever so I'm a bit skeptical at this point

  4. Lets start with the statue of George Washington and rename Washington Square Park.

  5. and after this they will want reparations and destruction of the constitution

  6. Anyone who's last name is Washington , Jefferson , Jackson , Smith , Johnson , Lynch , Wilson will have to be a changing their last name so that the Snowflake pussies are not TRIGGERED into insanity ?

  7. Now that KC is about to endure its own Confederate Memorial crisis, wherein people who never knew a monument to wives of Confederate soldiers existed are suddenly offended because they are told they should be and subsequently demand its removal, I suggest that all involved be required to pass a history test to participate.

    Must score correctly 2/3
    1) Who was Abraham Lincoln?
    2) In what century was the Civil War?
    3) What battle was fought where the memorial now stands?

    Bonus credit:
    4) Do you know where the memorial is and can find it without your GPS?
    5) What social injustices have taken place as a result of the memorial being there.
    6) Is removing a memorial to single mothers degrading to women and harmful to the cause of gender equality?

  8. Meanwhile while most everyone is distracted by the demagoues the government is stripping everything that benefits the common good for the benefit of the corporate greed.

  9. Relocate it to the front of the new Single Terminal at KCI as a monument to Burns & McDonnell, a couple of true Sons of the Confederacy!!

  10. Why not just make the new section 8 housing on the plaza ! This would probably make up for the suppression of the black people , then they will be able to see how the douchebag White privilege people live ! In a year, the plaza will be just like prospect ?

  11. Orphan of the Road8/17/17, 12:13 AM

    A Prairie Village resident upset by racism while living in the most racist community in the area.

  12. ^^^^^^^^Damn are you ignorant, go back to KCC and make suck ass comments like that with your pal Wilson.

  13. The final resting place should be at the Uranium dump at the Bannister Federal Complex. Feel free to visit anytime.

  14. Time to take out MLK memorials

  15. ^^^ and when I hear you comment, I find the myth of white supremacy hilarious, so you need to be removed from the gene pool.

  16. Tear down those long forgotten monuments! They are responsible for the black on black genocide in our cities!

    Oh wait. No, sorry, it's blacks. Carry on.

  17. Amazing the boons can not organize an anti-crime patrol, but the sonzabitches can come up with an anti monument patrol in a flash. Fuck these animals. The pity party is coming to an end dregs.

  18. Here's a complete list of confederate monuments that were removed during the eight years of the Obama administration: .

  19. Ah, the racists and their apologists are crawling out of the woodwork. When I've looked at this monument I usually just wrote it off to Missouri being (and remaining) a southern state in mentality--while still remaining in the Union during the Civil War.

    The engraving says that it's to honor "the loyal women of the South." If they can show that this was meant to praise those women who remained loyal to the Union, there should be no issues. If, if on the other hand, it was, as it seems, intended to honor those who traitorously joined the cause of the Confederate States of America and backed the continuation of chattel slavery etc, then it's probably time to remove it. Another option is to make it clear that it is seen (as with the Holocaust Museum Dachau and Auschwitz) a monument to past mistakes and man's inhumanity to man.

  20. ^^^ these monuments have been in place for the better part of 100 years. Why have you suddenly come to the realization that these monuments are racist in nature and need to come down?


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