Sunday, August 13, 2017


Per ushe, the aftermath of the latest round of a violent culture war features lesser minds playing the blame game and using tragedy for their political advantage.

What we've seen so far is nothing more than racists supported by some Conservatives and Trump supporters offering nothing more than a continuation of the same destructive protests which defined the nation when Prez Obama backers conducted the same kind of racially motivated rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore. We're now just getting a look at a different side of the same coin. What I desperately want to believe is that here in Kansas City we're better than that given that politically motivated violence is, and hopefully will continue to be, a rarity. 

Don't get it twisted, in Kansas City there are far more people getting killed over gangs, drugs, money and women . . . And that's a problem that our current weekend culture war doesn't even attempt to address.

Still . . . Because it's Sunday and I think a moment of respite is well-deserved . . .

In Kansas City, our working-class practicality somehow understands that the lethal theatrics of the divisive American culture war are, in many ways, a luxury of people who haven't found more productive uses of their time.

Our election battles and legislative battles along with a few scant protests reveal that locals often have an understanding that real world financial disputes are at the heart of disagreements that we need to take seriously. The rest of it . . . From vagina hats to pudgy storm troopers playing dress-up and carrying the Nazi flags is nothing more than a distraction.

The former police Chief was credited with connecting to the Black community and avoiding Ferguson-style unrest, like it or not, that might have been a very real accomplishment and something that earned him his exorbitant overtime bonus money.

Our new chief forged his reputation by being a very nice, but also a very smart guy . . . And so it's that same kind of KANSAS CITY NICE that focuses on work, money and power RATHER THAN pointless theatrics that very well could be this cowtown's saving grace for avoiding politically charged culture war clashes.

At the very least, all of this might only be a short, practical prayer for Kansas City to avoid following the lead of a nation plunged into an infinite loop of bitter drama led by yet another batch of inept politicos.

Check the links:

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BBC: A reckoning in Charlottesville

WaPo: Alleged driver of car that plowed into Charlottesville crowd was a Nazi sympathizer, former teacher says

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

When they say it's not about the money, it's about the money.

Super Dave said...

Protesting now days only seems to piss off those who hate you who it appears then turn to violence to make their point when all was peaceful to begin with.

I have never felt that protesting in the street accomplishes anything. If you and your group dislike something then check the laws and then attack the current laws through the legal system if you really want to make change.

The only thing Ferguson taught us was those who shouldn't have received financial gain did and those who should have received financial compensation got nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this story already. A loser ran over a bunch of other losers. End of story.

The Left is forcing white people to think of themselves as a club, like gays, blacks or women. If the Left succeeds, so-called "white privilege" will go from conspiracy theory (or plain idiocy) to fact, as whites start to behave like the other folk or tribes that that progressives have forced into existence. If this happens, the Left will lose -- and lose horribly -- every conflict it starts with the straight white male of social justice folklore. And their stated goal of equality will slip forever out of reach as public tolerance for unfairnesses like affirmative action evaporates. There will be violence -- lots of violence. What an odious state of affairs this is from top to bottom. And we have the progressive Left to thank for it. All of it.

Anonymous said...

FACT: There would have been practically NO violence in Charlottesville had the Left Anarchist Rebels stayed away and not instigated conflict.

Whether you agree with the rally participants or not, they were attempting to legally express their 1st Amendment right. Why not let them, and anyone else, peacefully hold their rally, talk to themselves, and then go home? There's only violence when opposing groups come together and clash.

The Left, the Democrats, the Anarchists are much more intolerant of the rights of others than vice versa.

Do you remember when groups like Black Lives Matter closed down public streets, sat down in public malls to block holiday shoppers access, disrupted MU's homecoming parade, etc.? They were generally indignant if anyone suggested that they were acting illegally, selfishly, and disrupting a public common space. When they break the law, they rationalize their behavior, and say the ends justify the means. But when some other group with an opposing viewpoint wants to exercise their legal right, with city permit, to hold a rally, then they try to prevent them from doing so, or incite violence to shut it down. That's how the Left are HYPOCRITES.

Byron Funkhouser said...


The whole nation has heard constantly how angry middle class white men are. It's people like Chuckles & NaziDave who think they belong to a club of white men who are being oppressed. Chuckles talks all the time about the Genocide of the White Race. "The country hates you white boy". I've seen him post that a hundred times. It's complete nonsense, but the other racists on this blog cheer him on.

Der Fuhrer instigated this riot.

He encouraged hate from his followers, & why anyone would believe that a spoiled rich boy was a working class hero is beyond me. But, you dumb asses sucked it up.

We shouldn't have to tolerate people marching down the street carrying Nazi Flags. That's not what the First Amendment is about. You expect me to respect the First Amendment rights of someone who chants that I should die. Tony lets people hate on me here, & claims its "free speech". No it isn't! Telling me to go suck a dick isn't free speech, it's assault, & Tony won't delete those comments. I've even see brave anonymous posters saying that I should kill myself. Thomas "I own more slaves than anyone" Jefferson would be embarrassed by the mockery we've made of the constitution.

This deliberate misreading of the First & Second Amendments is literally killing us.

In Germany, it's illegal to display the Nazi Flag & to deny the Holocaust. But, in America we're too anal retentive to be intelligent about any of this.

"And we have the progressive Left to thank for it. All of it." That is complete bullshit. We have Der Fuhrer to thank for it; all of it. He used the First Amendment to insult Gold Star Families, POW's, judges, Mexicans, Muslims, & he knew you haters would suck it up & elect him. To watch you people bend over backwards to defend these creatures is infuriating.

Anonymous said...

This meltdown by Byron is brought to you by BLM and Antifa.

BLM and Antifa we don't know how to protest with a permit or on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Byron , you ignorant slut, he incouraged nothing. On the other hand Barry obama did nothing to stop the violence caused by your friends
at BLM. He is the one that said little to nothing about the riots under his watch. How in gods name can you justify the way he handled protests. he put the entire country's police force in grave danger by what he did not say. Answer this, how many police died under his watch for him not putting an end to his people's murderous protests? Go ahead Byron I got all night for you to answer. Your just as dumb as Gloria

Anonymous said...

Wait wasn't a Republican congressman shot last month by a Bernie bro?????

Excuse me if I don't give a shit if a loser ran over another fucking loser.

chuck said...

Byron's believes, that someone like him (They are already in place at Google, Facebook, Apple etc. etc.), should arbitrate what is and what is not, "Free Speech".

The layman's standard rule of reference, is, that Free Speech would not cover someone yelling "Fire" in a theater. The reason being, people would be hurt in the rush to the exits. The flag waving Nazis who were expressing their right to free speech, with a permit, would have been just another group of weirdos in the streets, no more and probably a hell of a lot less offensive, violent and ignorantly belligerent than the Antifa thugs that have, and did, initiate violence this weekend in Charlottesville and dozens of other cities all across America over the last 9 months. The crowds of Progressive Protesters throughout this time, have damaged and destroyed property and intimidated and violently attacked those with whom, they believe, do not think and agree with them. If ANYONE'S Free Speech should be curtailed, it seems that common sense would dictate that the first victims of new "Speech Laws" would be those who incite and create violence and destruction. Handing over power, to enforce newly acquired powers to prevent "Free Speech" to sub standard intellects, like Byron, who are blown by every wind and wet by every rain, whose marriage and emotional identity is wedded emotionally to a specious narrative that is in no need of actual facts, would be, counterproductive and pernicious to any and all Americans who actually do understand the 1st Amendment.

Byron's plaintive bootless cries to heaven in search of a just god who would deign him and other Facists just like him, the power to determine what is and isn't "Free Speech", peppered with insults and ad hominem attacks are an expected, pitiful and pathetic paean which sends thrills up the legs of sub standard apparatchiks whose only weapon is decibel level and faux outrage.

Anonymous said...

Nobody here said they approve of these white supremacist groups but you like twisting the truth to support your left leaning views. Your people started the fights to begin with. Who in the hell pays attention to thiese fools other than you lefties? Just keep up your violent protests and one day things will go seriously bad and you'll finally be happy. I sure hope those paid protesters and shit stirrers make enough money to justify people dying in the streets. But then again your people will follow anybody dangling free money in there faces

Anonymous said...

Der Funkhouser is a babbling fascist, here on display in his latest meltdown. Like a true Antifa adherent, he constantly engages in the very behavior that he vociferously criticizes in others. HYPOCRITE

Random Flipper Baby said...

Hey Byron, I am 10 points higher on the Stanford Binet IQ Test than you are.

Retro ROCKER said...

I DOUBT if there will be very many violent protest hear. paid BLACK MATTERS, there are a few George Sorass,Black Matter,paid trouble makers. And I have seen more there ads for activism. .They want to start a Black on every body else,war It is not just white Many Hispanics have taken there jobs. The Jews manipulate them paying them low wages .The payday loan company has them in debt. And I can go on and on.

Mr. Funkhouser. said...

Hey kid, I hated you a lot more than you hated me.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hate Byron, didn't your own father hate your guts? Your brother even hated you, hell, I bet Gloria hates you the most

Anonymous said...

What else should anyone expect out of a bunch of VIrginia people who 's IQ doesn't exceed the August temperature.

Kansas City fat white bitch said...

I blame the schools!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Byron is a typical liberal trickster. He would rather you talk about him than the issues because he is wrong and his views are indefensible. Don't fall for his trap.

Byron and the idiot liberals started this war but they know they can't finish it, they are on the wrong side of history. The American republic will survive and thrive.

Anonymous said...

so much for the new police chief.

Anonymous said...

Terry Murray enjoy's a Byron meltdown!

Anonymous said...

why don't cha jes suck
another dick Byron ?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the (Despicable, Cowardly) Charlottesville Police--their website is down. Golly....I...wonder...why ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how toxic people like BRYON FUNKHOUSER BEYONCE COLIN KAPERNICK MIKE BROWN MIKE BROWN'S MOTHER, can go into our streets and cause trouble, kill police officers, burn down buildings, spread HATE for white people and we are told they just need room to destroy.

Even though I don't agree with white supremacy, they have a constitutional right to rally or protest, but the left says they don't have that right.

This violence was brought on by the PROGRESSIVE LEFT!!!!! The blame lies on them.

The blame also lies on Barack Davis aka Barack Obama and his horrid wife Michelle Obama, who started a black against white racist club in college, and has divided this country beyond repair.

If you think this is over think again! The left has started an internal war that will only get worse, and what's even more sickening is they are blaming Trump for enforcing the laws of this country.

Anonymous said...

Some really good thoughts here today. I don't agree with the white supremacists, but they do have First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, just like everyone else. (No one seems to be yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater.) I'm also not sure how I feel about removing monuments, although the statue in question was installed in 1924, which was when the KKK became active again after a 40-year dormancy.

It might be a symbol of repression, and it might not. It could also be used as a history lesson. But once it's gone, it's gone.

Anonymous said...

People cite to Justice Holmes' "yelling fire in a crowded theater" dictum to justify limitations on freedom of speech without having the slightest idea of its context. If they did know the context, the honest ones among them would stop citing it. This article explains that historical and philosophical context.

Anonymous said...

Funkenshyster????? What are you doing to fix Virginia? I hear you non-racist folks out East hosted a hell of a picnic this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

8:44: So did anyone violate the Espionage Act in Charlottesville this past weekend?

Anonymous said...

That poor police horse that got slapped by the tranny says that it's already gotten violent.